ALIVE! (Ninjago x reader)  by PurpleNinjaOfSpirit
ALIVE! (Ninjago x reader) by NINJA-OF-SPIRIT
Ever imagine that lego pieces ever came alive? Well.. THEY DO! What happens if you come across some very adventurous lego boys who need your help! And what would happen...
  • wattys2018
  • various
  • lego
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Focus ❧ Cole Brookstone X Reader by samseaa
Focus ❧ Cole Brookstone X Readerby an almost wordsmith
Some things just happen, like falling unconscious from shock and waking up on a flying ship with a black haired ninja that hates your guts. [CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE]
  • zane
  • nya
  • cartoon
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The Purple Ninja (Lloyd x Reader) by Maximum_Violet
The Purple Ninja (Lloyd x Reader)by NinjagoLover
Y/N L/N, daughter if the first Purple Ninja, cousin of Cole Brookstone. Ever since her mom died, her father has been blaming her and beating her up. She has more element...
  • action
  • colebrookstone
  • adventure
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Ninjago quick love (one shots) by thepurplemasterofair
Ninjago quick love (one shots)by Miara Swift
A few ninjago one shots. Quick love stories for the reader. hope you like it ninjareaders. I will take requests. may have a few sour things. only Xreaders. Requests are...
  • zane
  • oneshot
  • cole
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Ninjago one-shots by _stellarmarina
Ninjago one-shotsby b o d a c i o u s
We have thought at some point we would read a fanfic about shirtless Lloyd. A Ninja x Reader book! Just you and the ninja, baby. Requests are open! Currently there ar...
  • ninjagolloyd
  • nyasmith
  • colebrookstone
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Ninja Within Shadows (A Ninjago Fanfic) by miamidnightt
Ninja Within Shadows (A Ninjago ⓜⓘⓐ
Two girls, the complete opposite of each other. But even though they're so different, somehow their paths cross when they are hunted by two different groups--one good, o...
  • jointstory
  • original
  • siblings
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ninjago x male serpentine reader  son of skales by Legorexthunder1
ninjago x male serpentine Legorexthunder1
Y/n the son of skales he is next in Line for the general staff when skales becomes the next general for Hypnobri this will be like the show but changes little bit. None...
  • son
  • reader
  • serpentine
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Lloyd x Reader oneshots by LindseyMasterofSong
Lloyd x Reader oneshotsby Lloyd Yeetadon
A book of Lloyd x Reade oneshots cause I make a l o t and I don't wanna fill up my randomness with them lol
  • lloyd
  • lloydxreader
  • lego
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Ninjago: Sister Scenarios by frosty_cupcakez
Ninjago: Sister Scenariosby ~Frosty~
(Y/n) is the ninja's younger twin sister. (Y/n) goes through different scenarios with her brother. Read my story if you want to find out about what its like to b...
  • ninjas
  • brothers
  • ninjago
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Ninjago: Sister Senarios  by DWfangirl16
Ninjago: Sister Senarios by DWfangirl16
?REQUESTS ARE WELCOME!? Your are the little sister of the ninja!! After not seeing them for years, you find out you have powers, and they take you in and care for you. I...
  • lloyd
  • ninja
  • ninjago
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Ninjago X Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed) by samseaa
Ninjago X Reader Oneshots ( an almost wordsmith
For when I have random bursts of inspiration. Feel free to request. Both Series!Verse and Movie!Verse. #984 in Fan Fiction 9th of March, 2018 [CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE]
  • tlnm
  • lloydgarmadon
  • colebrookstone
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Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios by HeartOfGold12
Ninjago Boyfriend Scenariosby Gryffindor
Ninjas x readers. If you want, send me requests for scenarios :) *COMPLETED*
  • cole
  • zane
  • boyfriendscenarios
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Chaotic Shattering Ninjago Reader Insert by Master-of-Chaos
Chaotic Shattering Ninjago Master-of-Chaos
Chaos has come to the land of Ninjago and she is you. Things will change in drastic ways. Relationships destroyed as Ninjago's dirty secrets are revealed and when the t...
  • lloyd
  • ninjagofanfiction
  • morro
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Ninjago oneshots/lemons  by debloom
Ninjago oneshots/lemons by debloom
all information is in A/N (the first part) I hope you all enjoy it! Also, the cover is mine hope you like it! -Debloom
  • jay
  • lemon
  • romance
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Ninjago: Lloyd x Male Reader by FlameFighterDragon
Ninjago: Lloyd x Male Readerby Flame
Your brother and yourself were invited to take part in Chen's tournament. You two were the Masters of Light and Darkness respectively, both rare and powerful elements. A...
  • romance
  • wattpride
  • pixal
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Alliance: Cole X Reader by wishuponastar8
Alliance: Cole X Readerby Wishin on a Star💫
Honestly, it's not easy being the sister to the guy who can zap you whenever he chooses. I mean I love him and all... I remember the day it all started, crazy really. Ou...
  • ninjagostory
  • lloyd
  • spinjitzu
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NinjaGo: Lloyd X Reader by Crimsia
NinjaGo: Lloyd X Readerby Crimsia
(Y/N) was just having a normal day in her normal life. She was watching Ninjago in her room. She wished that she lived in Ninjago and be beside Lloyd Garmadon through...
  • lloydxreader
  • romance
  • ninjago
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Ninjago Smut (Oneshots) by AlyssaHQ
Ninjago Smut (Oneshots)by ThisAccountIsWack
Damn I've sinned smh. My childhood is ruined by my own imagination. Also a lot of kinky stuff lol Stuff straight and gay ;)
  • bruise
  • greenflame
  • llorumi
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The Butterfly Effect ❧ Lloyd Garmadon X Reader by samseaa
The Butterfly Effect ❧ Lloyd an almost wordsmith
Some love stories don't start out with lingering stares and flirting. Some love stories start out with the girl hitting the guy on the head with a skateboard. #460 in f...
  • lloyd
  • lego
  • tlnm
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Ninjago Husband Scenarios by Lia_Ninja1
Ninjago Husband Scenariosby Lia_Ninja1
So this is the next book to the Boyfriend Scenarios that I did. Enjoy!! Disclaimer: I do not own Ninjago!!
  • lloyd
  • ninjagoboyfriendscenarios
  • ninjagooneshots
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