When he asks you out

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You were in your house watching TV when someone texted you, you picked up your phone to see the message and it was from Kai

Kai: Meet me in the park

So you answered okay and turned off the TV and headed for the door it only took you 5 minutes to get there because you lived so close to the park. When you arrived you saw Kai all the way over there, so you started to walk to him but noticed all girls were giggling and some just glared at you

"What's the deal with that" you wondered. You finally made your way to Kai "Hey Kai, do you know what's the deal with girls giggling at me" Kai didn't hear you and just kept staring at you, you were starting to get annoyed

"Kai are you okay" Kai looked at you and words escaped his mouth "Y/N will you go out with me" he said pulling out flowers from his back. You looked at him happy, and surprised and answered "YES!" while hugging him "Also I may have told a few girls about this" Kai said and hugged you back


You waited for Cole to come over because it was Friday and it was movie night you two were gonna watch AnnaBelle (Yes AnnaBelle) you went to the kitchen and took out two mini cakes from the oven and popped popcorn from the microwave. It was already 8:45 and movie night starts at 8:00 you were starting to grow impatient so you texted him

You: Where are you Cole?

Cole: Outside your door

You opened the door and saw Cole standing there all smiling, you rolled your eyes at that guy and let him in "Why are you late?" You asked then Cole took out something from his pocket with a red bow on top he handed it to you and you opened it inside was a necklace with purple jewels and a heart in the middle saying C+Y/F/I your first inital you took out a small paper that was inside the box

Wll you please go out with me, I love you alot 

Love, Cole

You looked at Cole "YES! a thousand times YES!" you hugged him he helped you put on your necklace and you two sat on the couch watching the movie while Cole put his arm around your shoulders.


Jay and you were playing on your guys laptop when Nya came inside the room you two were in "Y/N I need your help, come with me" you nodded and close your laptop and followed Nya in to her room "What happened Nya" you asked

"Can you help me with this move I keep getting messed up on"she said "What move" you said Nya showed you the move so Nya and you praticed the move for almost 10 minutes when Nya's phone rang "Hello? Okay" she then hung up

"Come on Y/N I need to show you something important" she lead you to the room you were in with Jay. You helped but noticed that Nya was giggling and Jay was smiling "Okay?' you said then sat down and opened your laptop then noticed that your wallpaper was changed into Jay holding a Go out with me Y/N sign you blushed like crazy and then looked at Jay

"Yes, Yes" you said while hugging him


You were at a candy store with Lloyd eating skittles you didn't notice but Lloyd was sitting there staring at you nerously, whishpering to himself "I can do this"

"Lloyd I'l be right back I need to go to the the restroom" you said getting up from your seat leaving your skittles bag on the table and walking to the girls restroom. Lloyd waited for you to come back when looked at your skittles bag and smirked

When you came back you saw Lloyd smiling at you from all the way your table when you got closer you saw that Lloyd had spelled something with your skittles on the table

Go out with me you read from the table then looked at Lloyd and said "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" like a maniac and hugged him and all the people in the candy store said "Aww" while Lloyd hugged you back

I did not put Zane in this one because it was to long so I will put him in the next one 

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