A Day at the carnival

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So before you read this story here are the names for the baby cause after this last vote it's going to be the real deal


Kai: Kylie, Karina, Kate, Kat

Cole: Nicole (lol) Cassie

Jay: Jaden,Jenifer

Zane: Zoe, Alice

Lloyd: Lily, Laura


Kai: Kyle, Kris

Cole: Carlos, Cody

Jay: Jackson, Jack, Jake

Zane: Zack, Zeke

Lloyd: Logan, Luke

"Guys what ride should we go first?" You asked looking around at all the fun rides

"How about that one" Zane pointed out to the Ferris wheel

"Great idea Zane so we could get a nice view of the carnival" You said running in front of the line

"Wait guys there are only two seats" you said

"Don't worry Y/N I'll go with you" Zane said sitting down next to you not even caring that all the ninja were glaring at him

"Ok then to be honest if I hold onto you it's because every time I look down it makes me feel funny" You said

"No problem at all" Zane said. So as the ride went on you tried so hard not to feel scared but that failed and you had to end up tightly wrapping your arms around Zane while you didn't notice that he was smiling and blushing

After the ride

"Roll up roll up!!!" A guy said "WIN THE BIGGEST TEDDY BEAR HOW ABOUT YOU WIN THIS TEDDY BEAR FOR THE LOVELY YOUNG LADY" The guy said as all the ninja looked at each other

"IT"S GOING TO BE ME" They all said pushing their way over to the man

"You guys don't have to" You said trying to settle them down

"Here take my money!" Lloyd said finally handing the guy the money making him earn three darts

"Try to make hit the darts in the middle of the target and you'll win the prize and maybe the ladies heart" The guy said winking at the ninja while you didn't notice making them blush now they were desperate to win

"Here watch this Y/N this will not be difficult at all" Kai said throwing one of the darts but ended up not hitting the target

"Ok that was just for warm up" Kai said throwing the other two darts but missed

"Oh look the great Kai failed once again" Cole said laughing to himself with the other ninja

"You're lucky Y/N is right here cause I could of broken your face" Kai said lifting his fist up

"Sure now watch this" Cole said throwing the darts and missing

"WHAT?!" he said

"Hey let me try again" Cole said earning another three darts and missing them

"Aw me I have a great aim" Zane said as he looked closely at the target and aimed but ended up missing

"Wait what my calculations were correct it should have been directly at the target" Zane said confused so this went on for like about half an hour

"Guys it's fine I don't really need it" You said

"No just last try" Lloyd said when all of sudden someone shot a dart at the target

"WE HAVE A WINNER!" The guy shouted as the ninja looked with wide eyes and mouth open they turned to see that it was no other than Ethan

"What? But? How?" Each ninja said as Ethan got the giant teddy bear and gave it to you

"Here you go free tickets to go to the tunnel of love" The guy said handing Ethan the tickets

"Hey Y/N want to join me?" Ethan asked

"Sure" you said back as he walked with you while the ninja just stared speechless once they saw you go on the ride

"THAT BASTARD" Kai shouted

"I'm going to kill him for taking my Y/N away from me" Cole shouted back as all the ninja glared at him

"YOU WANT TO FIGHT AGAIN" Lloyd said tackling him earning all the ninja to fight each other yet once again

"She is mine!"

"In your dream!"

"She deserves a guy like me!"

"HA she won't even last a day with you!"
"Guys first we need to get rid of that kid he is the one who in in the way" Jay said as all the ninja agreed

"That kid is going to pay for kissing Y/N" Kai said crunching his knuckles

Later that day

"Hey bro thanks for helping me out" Ethan said to his brother who was packing away the giant teddy bears along with the darts

"Sure thing but I have to say that girl is pretty hot" He said

"Say that again and you're dead" Ethan said to his brother

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