When he like you: His POV

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Y/N how do I describe her cute yes, gorgeous of course, hot definitely

After spending some time with her I developed some feeling for her but that was when I found myself getting jealous over a guy flirting with her

At the park

"So what do you want to do?" She asked as I just put my hands in my pockets and just shrugged

"What ever is fine" I said as I spotted a guy flirting with her or should I say forcefully pulling her away

"Hey take your hands off her!!" I shouted as I let fire go on my hand

"Woah boy don't get feisty here we can both share her" the guy said as I came closer

"So long girl" the guy said as he left

"Y/N are you aright" I said

"Ya thanks for that" She said smiling back to me.

"Y/N" I said as she turned back to me

"I have something to tell you meet me at the park tomorrow" I said tomorrow will be the day I let all my feelings out

Cole POV

"What you making their Y/N?" I said walking into her kitchen

"Just making two mini cakes so we can eat at our movie night" she said

"Oh ya today is Friday" I said looking at her. Damn why is she so damn cute

"So what movie are we going to see?" She asked

"Annabelle" I said back

"What Annabelle! Not that....fine but if I drop the popcorn your cleaning it up" She said back as I chuckled. Well actually the plan was for her to hold me everytime she gets scared

That's when an idea popped into my head

"Cole where you going?" She asked

"Just getting something from the monastery" I said closing the door

More like me making a quick stop at the bakery


"Come on I'm almost to beating my highscore!" I shouted as I was playing my favorite arcade game

"Yes!!!!" I shouted when I felt someone tap me from behind I turned around seeing Y/N

"Hey Jay" She said as I felt myself blushing


"H-hey" I said. What is wrong with me why do I feel like this all of a sudden that's when I notice a guy walk up to Y/N

"Hey girl you play video games" he said as she nodded

"Actually yes I'm love coming to the arcade" she said back

Does she not notice that this guy is trying to make a move on her and why am I getting jealous wait does this mean

"So do you want to play video games with me" he said putting his arm around her shoulders

"Sorry buddy but she's mine " I said as I took her away from that guy as he glared at me



Zane POV

"Zane is something the matter" I heard Nya say coming in with the rest of the ninja

"Well yes I just don't understand what is happening to me" I said

"What do you mean?" Jay asked

"Well whenever I am around Y/N something happens to me. I feel happy like I need to protect me I feel like she is vital (meaning important) to me

"I think I know the problem" Nya said as I turned to her

"What is it?" I asked

"Zane don't you know you're in love" She said

"Oh Zane has the hots for her" Kai said as I looked at him confused

"Zane I suggest you tell her how you feel with something special" Nya said back as I nodded

'Something special' I thought

Lloyd POV

"Alright see ya" Y/N said walking out the door

"Bye" I said as I closed the door basically

"Ok Lloyd we know you like Y/N" The ninja said as I turned around seeing all the ninja in the room

"Woah where did you guys come from?" I asked

"Not important we seen have you looked at her" Jay said

"And the way you get all flustered up when ever she looks at you" Kai said

"I don't know what you guys are talking about" I said crossing my arms avoiding them to hide my face

Ok it's true I may have a thing for Y/N but I'll never tell those guys

"Don't worry she may like you back" Cole said back

"REALLY!!!!" I shouted as I notice myself getting so excited

Man I blew it now they know

"Pay up Kai" Jay said as Kai took the money out from his pockets and smacked it on his hand

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