Valentine's Day- Cole

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It was 8:00 at night you were on your phone texting your friends when all of a sudden you heard a knock on your door you got down from the couch and went to open it

When you opened it there was nobody there you walked outside to look around

"No one" you said as you walk back inside your house and was about to close your door when you saw A Trail of rose petals outside on the floor so you went to follow it to see where it leads

(Yes you closed and locked your door cuz you didn't want A freaking hobo coming in your house)

So you followed the trail of beautiful pink and red rose petals that led you to A Park. You stopped when the trail led you to the most biggest heart that was red from the rose petals

And inside it spelled "Be Mine" with pink rose petals just then someone covered your eyes. You took their hands off and turned around to reveal Cole.

"Happy Valentines day Y/N, love you" Cole said

"I luv you too" you said as you hugged him

"Come on I have a surprise for you, but first close your eyes" Cole said you closed your eyes and then Cole grabbed your arm and took you to your surprise.

"OK open them" When you opened your eyes you were amazed that Cole has set up a perfect date with the most amazing and delicious food and of course CAKE!

Candles and (OK it was so romantic I can't explain it)

"OMG I love it Cole" you said as you two both kissed under the moonlight

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