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Two weeks had past by and still you heard nothing from Kai he doesn't answer his phone or any of your text

"That's strange Kai usually picks his phone up when I call him" you started to worry

"Maybe something happened to him," you said as you grabbed your coat and walked outside then ran to the monastery

You knocked on their door and Jay opened it

"Y/N," he said "What you found here,"

"Is Kai here," you said and Jay shaked his head no

You walked back to your house when you bumped into a girl she had red hair tied into a ponytail and an orange ninja GI

"Watch it!" She hissed as you said sorry and got up

You saw her go in an alley then that's when you heard a familiar voice

"Skylar," the voice said

You walked to the alley and peeked inside that's when you couldn't believe what you saw

"Kai," you whispered with your eyes watery


Its had been a long time you seen Cole

"When is he gonna come back," you said


"Sorry we can't hang out together I have to go to a mission" Cole said as you said OK and he left

End of flashback

Another week had gone by and you started to get impatient you grabbed your phone and when on your callers ID and called me

Jackie: Hey what's up

You: I haven't heard anything from Cole lately

Jackie: Still I thought he came back by now

You: Yes still I'm worried something happened to him

Jackie: Well want to come to my house to get your mind off things

You: OK I'll be there in 10 minutes

Jackie: OK bye

You: Bye

You grabbed your things and headed over to my house you decided to take a shortcut to my house

When you turned around the corner you heard Coles voice

"Coles back," you said happily as you tried to find him but instead

"Babe I love you so much!" You saw Cole kissing a girl


You: Hey Jay you wanna hang out today

Jay: Sorry I can't I'm busy

You: Jay that's the 5th time you said that's is something wrong

Jay: No I'm just busy maybe next time

You hung up your phone and started to get suspicious

"What is Jay up too," you said

You couldn't take it anymore you decided to go see him

You knocked on the monastery door and was surprised to see another girl open it

"Who are you," you asked

"Non of your bussiness!" She snapped then closed the door

"Jeez," you said as you started to walk home that's when you heard Jay saying

"Babe who was it," Jay said


It was a sunny day outside and you were walking around New Ninjago city

You had to take your mind off things like Zane cause he told you he couldn't hang out today

You then saw Zane entering inside the borg industry so you decided to see what's he up to

You sneaked inside when no one noticed and spotted Zane talking to a girl

That looked like a robot with sliver hair

"Zane you came," she said as she hugged him and Zane hugged back

"There just friends ," you kept saying until you saw them again and your eyes open wide

"There not friends," you yelled


You walked in the monastery with Nya all the ninja and Wu had gone away so that left Nya alone

You two were hanging out shopping and walking around New Ninjago City to just find something interesting to do

You headed upstairs with Nya to leave the stuff you guys bought in her room when you heard people kissing in a room

Nya and you looked at each other then slowly opened the door to find

"Lloyd why," you yelled tears falling from your eyes