A Day in the New Years

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Happy 2016 from America well Los Angeles. I don't know what's your time where you live

Who wants to get crazy for New Years!!!!!

What comes first New Years or Christmas

"Ok here's the plan guys first get Ethan away from Y/N, and eventually I kiss her when it is the New Years"

"Woah, woah, woah why are you the one to have her" Kai interrupted Cole from his plan

"Cause I am the one who came up with it and team leader" Cole snapped back causing all the ninja to glare at him

It was already New Years Eve and you guys decided to go to the party that took place in a mansion, they had 40 minutes until the ball drops so the ninja had that much time for one of them have their New Years kiss with you. They were huddled up discussing their plan to have Ethan away from you

"Well you guys shut up look" Jay pointed as all of them turned around to see Ethan heading his way towards you

"Get him!" Lloyd shouted as they ran and took Ethan away before you can see

"What are you doing let me go" Ethan said as Cole finally put him go

"No you think you can kiss Y/N again well you have another thing coming"Kai said as they pushed him inside a closet locking the door

"Well come back for you once I kiss Y/N" Lloyd said as they left

"Brothers do you think this was a good idea?" Zane asked

"Of course besides that kid needs to know who's girl he's touching" Cole said

"Oh so you're making Y/N yours again" Jay said as he tackled Cole into the ground as all the ninja did the same

"Don't you understand she likes me" Kai said

"In your dreams!" Zane shouted when

"What are you guys doing?" They heard a familiar voice call up to them. They slowly looked up to see you dressed up so damn pretty they stood their silent blushing as someone broke the silence

"Oh Y/N what are you doing here I though you were outside?" Zane asked as Jay lowered his fist and let go of Lloyd's shirt

"Well I had a phone call so I went inside cause it was too noisy outside what were guys fighting about" You asked them

" No we weren't just now totally fighting over-" Suddenly Cole punched Jay on the shoulder before he could finish his sentence as the ninja glared at him

"We weren't fighting we were just......" Zane stopped thinking of what to say

"Training... ya training you know before the New Years starts" Kai quickly shouted

"Ok then just remember we only have 25 minutes until the New Years" You said back as then suddenly you guys heard a thumping noise in the closet where Ethan was

"What was that?" you asked

"Nothing!" They shouted back

"Hey Y/N how about we both grab a drink together" Zane said making his first move causing the ninja to glare at him. Once you two walked outside Cole opened the door letting Ethan fall down

"Well you please be quiet in there" Cole said

"Well I'm sorry I can't help it because ninja trapped me inside here" Ethan said

"Are you sassing me boy" Cole said as he pushed the boy back inside

"So what if I am Y/N is mean't to be with me" Ethan said

"Why you little!" Kai shouted as Jay and Lloyd stopped him before Kai could jump him

"Better watch what you say about my girl" Jay said

"Oh now your going to start" Kai said as he attacked Jay

"Anyways we are are more stronger and hotter than you have you seen this muscles" Cole said

"Ya so you may be the ninja but you will never win Y/N heart" Ethan said totally trying to get on their nerves

"Listen if you ever try to get near my Y/N again you got another thing coming" Cole said as he closed the door then separated Kai and Lloyd who were still fighting then went to find you outside

"Y/N!" Lloyd said running up to you hugging you sounding as a child considering he was a child trapped in a teenage body

"Oh Lloyd" You said as he held onto you more than 10 seconds "Lloyd....." you said

"Dude get off her already!" Kai shouted sounding jealous as he removed Lloyd from you

"Guys look only 10 more minutes" Jay shouted as all the ninja looked at you then back to you as you checked the time then back to each other glaring

"Y/N!!" Someone said running up to them there eyes widen when they saw Ethan

"Ethan hi" you said waving

"Wait how" Jay asked himself

"Idiot he forgot to lock the door once he opened it again"Ethan pointed at Cole which the ninja glared at him

That's when







everyone shouted as all the ninja struggled to make there way to you they weren't going to miss kissing you again when

"Y/N" Ethan said as you turned around to him. He smirked at the ninja then pecked your lips smirking at the ninja then ran away

"Come back here!" Everyone shouted as they chased Ethan

They all ran towards him shouting angrily

"You won't kiss my her again then get away with it!!" Zane shouted

"She belongs with me" Cole shouted back

"Y/N is mine!" Jay shouted

"My girl is off limits so back off!"Kai shouted

"You want to go again tough guy!" Lloyd shouted as Ethan snickered then shouted

"Ya, ya all of you haven't even kissed her yet so she is mine" Ethan said

Back to you

You didn't know what they said but you know what was happening then turned to your friends

"Well you please excuse me my boys over going to jump a kid" You said as you excused yourself from the table yet to break up another fight

If you said Christmas you are wrong New Years comes first cause it starts on the New Year DUH

Which is January 1

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