Vidcon- Kai

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Now the moment you all been waiting for
please fangirls control yourselfs


You were waiting in line as you were about to meet Pewdiepie

"I can't believe I'm actually going to meet him this is like a dream come true" you squealed

"I know right" Nya said excitedly

Just then you two heard a loud of people screaming and shouting Pewdiepie. You turned around to see that Pewdiepie was actually there

"Its him" you pointed out

"Brofist!" Pewdiepie said as he came around giving everyone brofists. When he was coming closer to you, you took out your phone

"Pewdiepie can I take a selfie with you!" You said as you two took a selfie together

"Brofist bro" he said as he gave you and Nya a brofist and he walked back to his table

After some wait it was finally your turn

"Hey its actually the ninja " Pewdiepie said as he actually knows who you are you were just about to faint there at that very moment

"You actually know who we are?" You said as he nodded

"Of course I'm like a fan of you guys I actually can't believe I'm meeting you!" he asked you

"Are you kidding I actually can't believe I'm meeting you your like the best youtuber ever" you said

"But your the best crimefighters ever can I have your autograph?" he asked

Your eyes widen when he said that Pewdiepie was actually asking you for your autograph can this day get any better and better

"Sure only if I can have your autograph too" you said as you both signed your autographs and swaped them

"Here you go" Pewdiepie said as he handed you the autograph right then you two posed for another picture

And the photographer took it

"Alright stay awesome bro also tell the ninja hi" Pewdiepie said as you two brofist again and you walked away with ninja

At the monastery

"So Y/N what's it like meeting him" all the ninja asked you

"It was awesome" you said as you tolded them what happened and showed them the selfies you two took and

"Also he is a biggest fan of us and wanted to say hi" you said as then ninja froze

"He actually knows who we are?" Kai asked as you nodded

Then you walked to your room

Remember you guys are still in vacation

And tried to remember the moment when you finally met Pewdiepie

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