Merry Christmas

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Just to mention that you are now an adult just read why


You woke up to the sound of Jay screaming it's Christmas. You got out of bed excited and a little nervous of what will happen when you show Kai his present you pulled the small wrapped gift from under your bed and headed downstairs to meet everyone who were just about to open there present .

"Come on Y/N!" Kai shouted as you walked towards him and sat down next to him

"Ok this first present is to Kai from Lloyd" Nya said as she handed Kai his gift

"Oh no Lloyd you didn't plan nothing did you" Kai said looking suspicious

"No just open it" Lloyd said as Kai slowly took off some wrapping paper then teared all at once when he saw

"YOU GOT ME A PS4!" Kai screamed as he opened the box then looked at Lloyd

"What?" You asked Kai as he turned the box upside down where a pile of clothes fell Lloyd started to laugh so hard while Kai glared at him

"You think this is funny!" Kai shouted

"Ok here's the real one" He said as he pulled a wrapped box from behind the couch. Kai took it and ripped off the paper which was another PS4

"I swear if this is another one of your pranks" Kai said as he opened the box then pulled out another brown box

"YES!.....wait WHAT! he said as he opened it looking that it was a bunch of clothes everyone erupted with laughter as Kai glared at them

"Oh here's my gift " You said handing him the box

"What is this" He said opening the box he looked shocked at you revealing it was a pregnancy test box he opened it and took out which was the test where it showed 2 lines

"That means" He looked at you shocked

"I'm pregnant" You cheered as everyone turned to you clapping and cheering while Kai looked at you still surprise

"I'm going to be a dad.....I'M GOING TO BE A DAD" He shouted hugging you

"THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT EVER" He said back kissing you


"Here Cole" you said handing him his present

Cole quickly ripped off the wrapping paper then holding up which was

"baby clothes?" He said looking at you confused one was blue pajama while the other was pink which came with little hats

"Yup well need it when it's time" you said rubbing your belly

"Wait we are having a baby" Cole said kissing you

"Ya it's 2 weeks old" You said

"What is the gender are we having twins" He asked you

"Don't know still maybe a girl maybe a boy or both" You said back still rubbing your stomach

"If it's a girl I'll treat her as a princess she will be my little girl till the end" Cole said back

"Cole don't make it a thing where you threaten guys who will go near her" You said back

"Why not they should know my little girl won't have a boyfriend" he said back

"Ya, ya well whoever we get I'm going to be a happy mommy" You said back as Cole pecked your lips


"Come on Jay wake up it's Christmas" You cheered as Jay immediately woke up

"Why didn't tell me sooner PRESENTS!" Jay shouted running downstairs as you followed from behind

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