When you get hurt and get saved

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You woke up confused

"Where am I?" You said looking around the place that looked like a alley

"That's not important right now," a voice said coming closer to you

"Derek! Why don't you just move on! I moved on!" You said annoyed

"I can't move on and I don't want you," he said as he grabbed your waist

"Hey let go!" You shouted trying to get loose free

"Not until you kiss me," he said smirking

"Never!"you yelled

"Then I guess I have to make you," he said as he pushed you against a wall giving you a massive headache

Derek was about to kiss you until

"Ninja-Go!" Someone shouted you couldn't remember who says that until you blackout again

You woke again when someone shocked you

"Are you okay?" Kai said you nodded as you stood up

"Thanks for rescuing me," you said as you started walking

"Anytime babe," You turned around to Kai

"Why are you flirting with me, Who are you,? You said leaving Kai shocked


You awaken in a forest looking around only seeing trees and trees

You got up and started walking away but was tackled by someone from behind

"Hey where you going?" Edward said

You turned.around and was shocked that Edwards skin was pale you never remembered the pale skin from when you dated him a few years ago

"Wait you have pale skin the last time I saw you, you didn't have pale skin unless your a-"

"You guessed it," Edward said revealing his fangs to you

You were speechless "Wait..how...did," you said running out of words

"Lets not talk about that let's talk about this," Edward said as he wrapped his arms around you and his face coming closer to you until

"Edward!!!!" The both of you turned around and found no other than

"Bella!" Edward said

"You dare kiss him," Bella said pushing you to the floor "You don't know who you missed with," she said as she scratched you face leaving you a scar

"Bella stop!" Edward shouted

"No!" Bella shouted back as one last push you fainted

"Guys let her breath," someone said

You slowly opened your eyes and saw all the ninja

"Y/N I'm so glad your okay," Cole said hugging you

"Wait who's Y/N, who are you guys," you said


You were just wakening up seeing a guy in front of you

"Who are you?" You said

"Matthew," Matthew said to you

"Where am I who am I?" You questioned leaving Matthew shocked for a moment then grin

"You don't remember me babe," Matthew said as he stroked your hair

"No and why did you call me babe," you said pulling his hand away from your hair

"Cause your my girlfriend and your name is Y/N," he said as he kissed yoy. You pushed him off

"Your not boyfriend," you said

"Yes you do and its me!" Matthews said squeezing your hand

"Ow your hurting me," you whine

"Leave my girlfriend alone," Jay said as he fought Matthew

"This is for kidnapping Y/N!" Jay said as he socked him in the face

"This is for kissing her!" As he socked him again in the face

"And this is for hurting her," he socked him for the last time as he fell to the floor

"No one touches my girl!" Jay said

"I think you may be confused with another girl I don't have a boyfriend," you said leaving jay shock


"Let me go Felix!" You said as Felix let go of you

"What is your problem," Felix shouted

"My problem is that someone kidnapped me and brought me here!" You shouted "Why don't you find someone who actually Cares about you!"

"Never!" Felix shouted back "You see Y/N I always get what I want is you," he said

"Look Felix your just a freakin jock and the guy who comes out in Wreak it Ralph," you said

That made Felix angry that he pushed you making you pass out

"Y/N darling wake up," you woke up seeing Zane there

"Im okay also sorry I forgot who you are again," you said as you looked at Zane


You woke up by who looked like the ninja but more paler wearing sunglasses so there were the evil ninja you found yourself locked in a cage

"Wow dude I didn't know that she was that hot," Evil Kai said coming closer to you

"Hey hot stuff how about we go out together later on," he said

"Hey she's mine so back off," evil Lloyd shouted as he pulled evil kai away

"Who makes her yours," evil Jay said

"Why don't you just shut up shes mine," evil Zane said as he winked at you

"Hey don't you start flirting at my girl," evil Cole said as he punched evil Zane

Seconds later all the evil ninja started fighting each other punching and kicking

You watched as you tried to get loose from the cage finally you got loose and ran for the door

That's when you called tackled by evil Lloyd and fell to the floor hitting your self on the floor blacking out

You wake up seeing all the GOOD ninja surrounding you

"My head," you said as you grabbed it

"Here I'll take you to the monetary,"
Good Lloyd said as he reached for your hand to pick you up

"Hey who are you," you said as everyone looked at you

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