Ninja-Go - Kai

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You guys have voted and the most I been getting is when you become a ninja also be happy what you get it was really hard figuring out your powers

Ever since your ex kidnappes you

Kai was training you to become a ninja because you did have a power it just needs to be awaken

"Okay this really simple all you have to do is just complete the course!" He said as you just looked at him

"Simple for you to say but I'll do it anyways" you said as you tried the course you did everything perfectly dodge flying obstacles also finished with a sweet flip

"Yes" you said but out of the corner of your eyes you can see Kai kind of jealous

"What's wrong hothead you jealous that I completed the course with one try," you teased him

"I am not jealous," he said crossing him arms

"What ever you say," you said as you messed with his brown spiky hair until out of nowhere you smelled smoked

You let go of Kai's hair and saw that you kinda of had burned his hair

"What that's new." You said

"What is it," Kai asked

"Nothing I better go," you said as you went inside not telling him about his hair

"I see that you have found your power Y/N," Sensei Wu

"Powers?" You asked

"Ninja of Day controls the sun with your hands," he said as you looked at your hands

"That's actually pretty cool also you didn't see_"

"Burning Kai's hair," he said

"Y/N!!!!!!!!" Kai yelled from another room

"What have you done to my hair!"

"Its just hair deal with it" you said

"You better watch out payback is coming your way" he said

"You can try" you said as you left

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