Valentines Day - Lloyd

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It was late at night you looked at your phone to see the time

"9:00," you said as you said as you put your phone back in your pocket.You were feeling kinda sad because it was Valentine's Day and you haven't heard anything from Lloyd.

You turned on your TV to watch F/S favorite show until someone knocked at your door.

You opened it to see a mailman there standing with a bouquet of pink roses

"Delivery to Ms. Y/N L/N last name the mailman said

"Thats me," you said as the mailman handed you the boutique. You closed the door and read the note that was on the bouquet

Meet me outside the note said. You put on your sweater and went outside there you saw a shadow coming closer to you. You squinted your eyes to see who it was and saw Lloyd he was wearing sunglasses

"Hey babe," Lloyd said as he came closer to you

"Um.. Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?" You asked

"No reason well anyways since its Valentine's Day," Lloyd said as he pushed you into the wall and pinned your hands up "isn't that the day where people kiss eachother" he said as his face came closer to yours

Just then he was knocked out with a fist his sunglasses fell down revealing his red eyes

"Your not the actual Lloyd!" You yelled as you turned around seeing green eyes meeting yours it was actual Lloyd

"Lloyd!" You said hugging him

"Come on let's go," Lloyd said as he took you in his car

Keep in mind that evil Lloyd will be returning one of this days

Lloyd drove you to the mountains it was a beautiful night. You two got out and layed down on the soft grass seeing the full moon

"Wow Lloyd this is beautiful" you said as you gazed at the sky

"I knew you liked it" Lloyd said as he pulled you in for a kiss

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