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This are going to be your weapons

PS I'm just going to start saying my name Jackie instead of I also my twin Anna

Also I'm sorry I'm bringing twilight back

"Okay what should we do next" you asked as you were still staying in Jackie's house cause remember you broke your hand cause that girl pushed you down

Just then there was a knock at the door

"I'll get it" both Anna and Jackie shouted running towards the door

"Uhm Y/N some guy wants to see you" Jackie said

"Cole?" You asked

"No he's waiting outside" Jackie said

"Also he's really pale" Anna said

Just then you had this feeling inside your body so you ran downstairs to see that Jackie and Anna were missing and the door was wide open

You ran outside in the night trying to find them when you were tackled you opened your eyes to see

"Edward get off me" you said kicking him in the (we don't need to know where)

Making him let go of

" where are they?"you asked

"I won't tell," Edward said back

"Well see," you said as you ran to the forest

Oh ya I forgot to mention the forest is really close

You ran until you bumped into a person you looked up to see Bella

You try to run away but she got you

"You can't escape me hmm I wonder what your blood taste like" she said as her fangs were getting closer to you when

"Let her go" someone shouted making the place go all dark and then a big gush of wind blew on you two it was so strong it knocked the both of you down

No one could see in the dark but just then you could see

"No way" you said as you saw Jackie and Anna in a ninja GI

"Y/N? Y/N? Where she go?" Anna asked

How could they not see you, you were right in front of them you finally remembered what sensei Wu said to you

You have a power you just have yo find out what it is that leaves that you have the power of invisiblity

You turned back when Jackie and Anna looked at you

"How you get there so fast," Jackie said

"I have unlocked my power invisibility," you said

Back at my place

"Well that's good there something we should tell you too we have been ninja for a long time" Jackie said

"I am the ninja of darkness I could turn everything dark no one could see but me also my weopens are Sais and my GI is gray" she said

"I'm the ninja of wind as you can see my GI is a scarlet color and my weapen are boomerang fans" Anna spoke

"Also they said when you unlock your powers to give you this" Anna said handing you a box

You opened the box to find a strange thing

"What is it?" You asked

"Your weapon" Jackie said

"This is awesome" you said as you hugged both of us and tried out your weapon

Ya that's it sorry Cole didn't Come out in it

Also in case your thinking what Scarlet is its a mix of I think red orange

Also you can come up with a name for your weapon