Vidcon- Zane

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You woke up in the morning from the beeping of your phone. You groaned as you got up to turn it off

(Don't you ever get those times when you want to throw your alarm at the wall really hard)

"6:00am," you said as you got out of bed getting ready for the biggest day ever

You took a shower, brush your teeth and everything else, then you went to your room where you shared with Nya

Put on your jacksepticeye T-shirt and a pair of black jeans and your green converse

Around 12:09pm you smelled something burning coming from the kitchen

You walked there to see Cole cooking again

"Cole if you keep this up this whole hotel is going to burn down" you said

"Hey I am learning how to bake a cake" he said putting a pan into the oven

The kitchen was a huge mess

"Ok Cole I consider you to take cooking classes" you said as then you saw smoke coming out from the oven

"Cole!" You yelled putting on your oven gloves and taking out the pan

"I'm going now before I throw up you clean this kitchen up" you said leaving the kitchen

Skip the time

Zane and you arrived at vidcon that's when from faraway you spotted Jacksepticeye

"There he is" you said shouting dragging Zane with you

Jacksepticeye was giving highfives and taking selfies with his fans

"Jacksepticeye can I take a selfie with you?" You asked him

"Of course" he said as you took out your phone and took a selfie with him

"This jacksepticeye has a lot of energy" Zane said looking at all the fangirls screaming

"I know that's why he's funny" you said as then people starred going up to him

After sometime it was finally your turn

"Hey Jack you are my number 1 boss" you said as then you saw that Zane looked confuse

"Y/N you never told me that you worked somewhere" Zane said as you laughed

"No I mean he's boss at videogames" you said as he looked more confused

It was kinda cute how Zane doesn't get things

"Hey aren't you the girl that we took a selfie earlier" he said as you nodded

"Ya also can you say your outro I want to see if I could do it exactly like yours" you asked him

"Thank you guys for watching this video, if you liked it punch that like button in the face, Like A Boss, and highfives all around
*highfives* but thank you guys and I will see all you dudes in the next video

"Wow you have a lot of energy" Zane said

"I know people say I'm really loud and very energetic" Jack said to Zane

After sometime you guys had to leave so you said your goodbyes and highfived Jack again and left

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