Apirl Fools!!!

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You were in the monastery while you waited for Kai to finish taking a shower.

You thought of a way how to prank Kai

"Hmm what to do? Got it" you said You snuck in the ninja room with baby powder

A while later Kai got out of the shower and went in his room

You didn't hear any screaming you thought your prank had no work so you went upstairs to check

The door was open a little when you opened it a bucked of cold water fell on you

"What," you said shivering

"April fools," all the ninja shouted laughing

"Ohh that's just cold," you said

"Well sorry," Lloyd laughing harder

"No the water is cold," you said as you saw Kai pluging in his blow dryer in the outlet

You smirked widely as Kai was about to turn on the blow dryer

"There is nothing in the world that would- ahh!" Kai shouted as the blow dryer bowed baby powder in Kai's face

"April fools!" You shouted as all the ninja laughed at him


Recording something on my camera

"OK so today is April fools and I'm gonna prank ethier the ninja or Y/N, how you ask with this serpentine costume that I found in a shop that you see that I have on showtime"

Puts on the mask and turns off the lights hides behind the curtains

A while later someone comes

"Jackie have you-" its you coming in

"Wahahahaha," me laughing evil in a deep voices comes from shadow

"Serpentine," you say.

"Are you looking for your friend," I say in a deep voice as I show you a picture of me

"Tick tock you only have 36 hours to find before I -" I jump out of the window

"Before What!" You shouted out the window

"Cole!" You shout

A while later I walk in the room with my normal clothes and stuff

"Hey what you guys doing," I say as I see that the ninja are planning to search in the serpentine tombs

"Not now Jackie, were trying to find you," Jay said as everyone paused in the room and looked at you

"What how," You say as I point to the camera recording

"Great acting huh," I say as I take the camera and leave everyone clueless


You were in the kitchen with Zane helping him cook lunch while Jay was pranking people

And you thought Lloyd was the prankster

"I'm gonna get some soda you want some Zane?" You said

"Sure I'll get the glasses," Zane said as you walked over to the fridge and took out the soda bottle

And walked back to the table where Zane already had the glasses you opened the cap and suddenly soda squired in your face and Zanes

"Jay!" You shouted as Zane closed the bottle with the cap you two were sticky and soakin wet

"April fools," Jay said laughing

"Haha very funny now give me a hug," you said as you opened your arms and walked over to Jay

"No you stay away from me," Jay said as ran away

"You are not going to get away this easy," you said as you chased him


It was 4:00 in the morning and you were wide awake not tired less at all

You opened the door and walked down to the kitchen to get a glass of water when you got there you opened the cupboard and reached for a glass

But something was wrong everything inside was glued down

"What?! You said as you tried to move but your slippers are shoes were glued to the floor

"April Fools," Zane said from the door frame

"Wait Zane you well do this but your so innocent," you said

"Ya but we turned on his funny switch on ," Jay said coming in the kitchen and was glued to the floor too

"Wow just great!" Jay said

"Oh ya," you said thinking about it "Anyways I'm going to get you ," you told Zane

"You can try," Zane said as he looked at the table and saw Oreo cookies

"I'll be taking this," Zane said as he took one and took a bite out of it then opened his eyes widely

"What's in this," he said

"Ohh I don't know just replacing the cream with toothpaste," you said giggling with Jay

"Ok you got me," Zane said

"Now help me out here," you said as you pointed to the glue floor


It was April fools the worst day ever

"You will never prank I Lloyd the King of pranks," Lloyd shouted

Let's rewind to morning

" Lloyd!" Cole shouted as Lloyd put spicy stuff in Coles cake

"Haha," Lloyd laughed as ran out the kitchen

Mostly Lloyd has pranked everyone even you

"We need to do something," you heard the ninja saying in the group huddle

"I know what to do," you said joining in the group

"OK here's the plan you" you whispered

A while later

"Lloyd can you come outside," you said as you saw Lloyd come outside

"Yes," he said

"Can you help prank my friend," you said as smiled and nodded you two drove to the mountains

" Is there where she lives," Lloyd questioned

You nodded "oh wait I forgot something I'll be right back," you said as you drove off

5 hours later

"Very funny guys," Lloyd said coming in the door as everyone laughed

"Prank ya," you said as Lloyd looked at you exhausted and went up to his room

April Fools !!!

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