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You were currently watching TV in your room when you heard a knock at your door

You went to opened it to see your best friend May standing on the door with so much stuff

"What's up girlfriend you ready to get this party started!" She cheered as she entered the house

"Sure" you said as you closed the door and followed her to your room

Skip the time

You were wearing a glamouring dress the color of your choice and May was wearing a blue one

"Come on the guys are waiting downstairs" she said as she hurried out your room

You followed after her you walked downstairs as everyone caught your eye as you walked downstairs

(OK now imagine this in slow motion)

When you finally made it downstairs Kai was waiting their wearing a black tuxedo with a read bow tie 

"Wow you look wow" he said 

"Thanks you are not so bad yourself" you said back

"Ok who is ready to get this party started!" May cheered as she and everyone else went outside 

You guys had already arrived at the prom the theme was starry night

"Wow this looks amazing" Nya said as the whole room was dark and filled with sparkles and glittery stars 

"Oh photo booth" you said pointing at the photo booth should we go?" you asked Kai

"Sure why not just have to see if my hair is perfect for this photo" Kai said as you rolled your eyes

"Kai stop worrying about your hair lets go" you said as you dragged him to the area after the picture was taken everyone joined in

"Wait do it again I think I blinked?" Jay asked the photographer

"Jay this is the 8th time you asked for another picture" You said to him

"Hey it is not my fault this picture is not perfect" Jay said back

"OK this is getting boring I want some cake where is the snack area?" Cole asked

"Ya I'm getting a little  hungry as well" Zane said as everyone started leaving

"Wait guys the picture" Jay said

"Forget about the picture Jay" you said walking with Kai to an empty table

"Hey Y/N wanna go dance?" Kai asked as you nodded at him he took your hand and lead you yo the dance floor

"Wow Kai I didn't know you were dancer" you said

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me Y/N" Kai said as then suddenly the music stopped

"Ladies and gentlemen here's a song for all the couples out there" the speaker said as a slow song started to play you watched as a lot of people started to pair up

"May I?" He asked holding out his hand

"You may" you said back as you held his hand this was the best day ever


You were getting ready for prom when you heard a knock at the door thinking it was Cole you races to open it actually speed walk why cause you were wearing high heels

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