Valentine's Day - Kai

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You woke up in the morning feeling excited because today was Valentine's Day . You got out of bed and walked to your bathroom to brush your teeth , after you walked back inside your room to change

When you were done changing you notice a rose on your bed attached with a note. You walked to your bed grabbed the rose and read the note

Just a note to say you will always be my true love

Just then you noticed another rose by your door. You walked to it and read the note

I miss you even when your right next to me...

And thats how it went all day finding roses it was like the roses were leading you to something so the third rose said

Its the kiss that does the magic to me

The fourth one said

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man is a women's heart I'm glad I have yours

The 5th one said

I'll be thinking of you all day

The 6th one said

In your arms is my favorite place to be

The 7th one said

A hundred hearts will would be to few to carry all my love to you

The 8th one said

You will always be mine for now and forever

The 9th one said

You are my everything

The 10th one said

I kinda like love you, what am I hiding I'm crazy about you

The 11th one said

If I could just feel your warm embrace, your gentle hands on my waist, your soft lips moving as one with mine then I would surely be in heaven

The 12th one said

Whenever you are, that is want to be

The 13th one said

Your the most beautiful girl in the world

The last rose led you to the most beautiful place ever

"Happy Valentines babe" you turned around to see Kai holding the last rose he handed you the rose as

You smiled as he pulled you in for the most perfect kiss.

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