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You were waiting for Zane at the park when you heard a girls screaming

When you saw children and nindroids

"Tell me where did you hid it," General Cryptor yelled

"We didn't hide anthing," one of them said

That's when General Cryptor started coming closer to them with his sword in hand you couldn't handle this much longer so you stepped up to defend them

"Stop!" You shouted putting your hand towards them you opened your eyes to find that you have created a forcefield

"What the," General Cryptor said

You then felt something tied around your wrist you looked down at your wrist to find a arrow shooter

I will call it a laser arrow but I already called it somewhere else

You then smirked at them making the nindroids back up

You broke the forcefield and then started using your weapon you defeated all of nindroids

When you defeated them you heard someone's voice saying Wow

You turned around to find Zane

"I have see you have unlocked the power of using your forcefield," Zane said

"You knew about this," you said as he nodded

"Should we go on a walk my snowflake" Zane said as he held out his hand that you took

PS the kids:Safe
Nindroids : Not

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