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What up so I may do this a different way instead of doing it all in parts I just but them together so I don't have to repeat

"You ready for this" Jackie said as you nodded

Anna and Jackie smiled as they both hugged you

"I'm so happy for you I think I'm going to cry" Anna said Jackie handed her twin a tissue

You noticed the doors open and the music starting

"It's time" They said as you started walking down the aisle. Eyes turning towards you as the flower girl threw petals around the room and your cousins holding your dress from behind

Once you finally made it up to the altar you smiled to him as he did the same thing

The music stopped once the priest started speaking

Skip the time to vows

"I do" he said as you smiled at him

"Now do you Y/N take (ninja name) to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."

You turned back to him as you smiled

"I do" you said as both of you exchange rings

"Now I both pronounce you Husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" the priest said as before you could lean in he pulled you towards him kissing you full on the lips

You were shocked at first but soon relaxed into the kiss

The crowd cheered and applaused as both of you pulled away

Skip the time

"You ready!" You shouted as all the girls shouted and cheered

"Ok 1, 2, 3!" You shouted as you threw the bouquet behind your back all the girls pushed eachother trying to catch the bouquet

But instead it landed both on Jackie and Anna's hands who were busy talking. They looked at eachother and back to the flowers

"IT'S MINE!" They both shouted

'This is going to take a while' you thought to yourself as you enjoyed the party

After a while you noticed someone wrapped there arms you

"Lets go somewhere private" Your husband said as you nodded

Skip the time to morning

This is just a little bonus scene I added

You woke up in the morning feeling sick you rushed to the bathroom vomiting

"What happened" You said to yourself as you vomited again in the toilet you felt someone pull your hair away from your face

You turned around to see Nya

"You ok?" She asked as you shakes you nodded but then vomited again

"I knew this will happen" she said as you looked at her confused

"What are you talking about?" You asked

"Here just to make sure" she said as she handed you a plastic bag and walked out the bathroom closing the door

You looked confused for a while as you felt something inside

You opened the bag to see a small box it was a pregnancy test

Your eyes widen in shock. Is this actually happening it can't be there is only one way to find out

You took the pregnancy test and after a while the answer finally came

"Ok Y/N the moment of truth" You said as you opened your eyes


Hey again I wanted help for the babies name

This is what I came up so far for girl names

And as you can see they all start with the ninja first letter name

Kai- Karina,

Cole- Caren



Lloyd- Lucy

And if you come up with guy names let me know in the comments

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