Back to the past

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You were in your friends May's house just to hang out

"Hey Y/N I always wondered how did you meet Derek and how you guys broke up" She asked curious

"Well its kinda of a long story" you said back

"I got time" May said as she started eating popcorn that she pulled from out of nowhere

Few years ago

You entered your 10th grade class that was English

You really didn't know anyone not even your friends or people you knew were in it

You sat down alone in a table by yourself when someone sat down next to you

It was a guy with brown hair wearing a beanie

"Hey you seemed lonely so I came here to keep you company" he said as your cheeks started to turn a light pink

"Hey I'm Y/N and you are?" you asked

"Derek is my name" Derek said

And right then you guys started talking having a lot of things in common. Its been only a few months and you were eating lunch with your friends when you spotted Derek walking towards your table with his friends

"Hey Y/N I have been meaning to tell you this for like the first time I saw you" Derek said scratching the back of his neck

"What is it?" You asked curious

"Well you see I like you and I thought we could be more than friends" he said

That's when you turned wide eyed you blushed like crazy and your friends were just shouting OMG

So you said yes and right then at that very spot he kissed you making your face tomatoes red, your friends screaming the heck out of them, and you just didn't know what to do

(Advice to the ladies, if a guy kisses you in the first day it could ethier be that you guys are gonna end up breaking up or like Romeo and Juliet live forever)

Right when the bell rang he walked right to class

"See you later" he said as he kissed your cheek and waved goodbye as you did the same

"Boyfriend" a girl asked as you nodded

All things were good until this happened its been 8 months you two were going out, you were walking back home when you heard a noise

You walked behind a building to be seeing Derek caught cheating on you with his Ex girlfriend Daphne making out on a wall

"Derek how could you!" You shouted

"Y/N it isn't what it looks like actually its exactly what it looks like" Derek said

"I never want to see you again take your stupid charm bracelet" you said taking it off and throwing it to the floor

"Don't you know I was using you" he said as tears started stinging your eyes as you ran away

2 years pasted you seem Derek around but ignored him you were already in 12 grade and were walking to Mays house when somebody yelled looked out and pushed out the way