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I was walking over to the monastery from Y/N house

I went up to the door and took out my keys to open them when out of nowhere someone tackled me and pinned me down I opened my eyes to see and it was

"Skylar!" I said

"Well its nice to see you Kai," she said smirking at me

"What do you want!" I shouted

"Take it easy hot head I just want a deal with you," She said

"I will never make a deal with you," I said I tried to get her off of me but she was just to..

"You like it I observed the power of strongness," Skylar said grinning at me

"The deal is if you go out with me I will tell you about your parents," Skylar said

"My parents?" I said this was the toughest chose what's better

Y/N or my parents

Cole POV

I was walking around to find the ninja for this special mission we were on when

"Hey Cole," I turned around to see a girl running towards me

She came up to me and said "OMG your Cole ninja of Earth right," she said excitedly jumping up and down

"She I am," I said

"I can't believe I am actually meeting you where's everyone else?" She said
"Oh we are on a mission," I said to her who seemed to give me a slightly evil smirk

"Good," she said

"Why is it good?" I said

That's when she pulled out this watch or what so ever and started swinging it side by side

I couldn't think straight I was really distracted

"Now you will cheat on your girlfriend with me," she said

"I will cheat on my girlfriend with you"


I was in the arcade playing video games as usual when I spotted this girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes

She looked kinda familiar when she walked up to me

"Jay is that you," she said

I was confused for a second 'this girl knows me'

"Remember me Crystal," She said

That's when I remember her she was one of my old friends from when I was a kid we were really close

Like really close I remembered I had feelings for her and I was gonna ask her out but that was before I became a ninja

And before I met Nya and Y/N but now that's she's here I want her now

Zane POV

"Zane wake up!" I heard someone said to me I slowly opened my eyes to see Pixal

"Pixal?" I said "What happened"

All I could remember is going on a mission with the ninja

"You were fighting the overlord when he did something to you erasing some of your memories"Pixal said

"Do you remember anything?" Pixal asked

"Not most of it," I said getting up and reaching Pixal's hand and looking straight into her eyes

"But I do remember you," I said

"Zane you have a girlfriend her name is Y/N remember her?" Pixal said

"My data base does not say anything about having a girlfriend," I said

Lloyd POV

" OK Lloyd, Nya don't get into any trouble or cause trouble," Sensei Wu said as him and the rest of the ninja went on a mission

"OK I won't" I said as I went up to my room and Nya went to my girls house so I was home alone

Few minutes later I was bored so I decided to walk to the comic book store I haven't been there in a while

Also because it reminded me when I met my baby I walked inside and went to find my favorite comic book series

When I greeted by someone I turned around to find my ex girlfriend

"Babe come back to me," she said

"Let me think....no!" I said

"I have a much prettier and cuter girlfriend then you," I said

"Oh really now," she said smirking

When she just kissed me all of a sudden that's when I couldn't stop her I just can't I still had feeling

Who should I get Y/N or her

The next chapter Weeks Past where you two get back together can be found at the end of the chapters

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