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Cole's POV

"What do you mean it isn't done?" I try to keep my voice neutral as I stare at the perfectly groomed man standing in front of me in order not to attract attention on us. The hotel restaurant is pretty packed so I already stressed and got mad when there was only two pancakes left, and now another deception. And it's not even eleven yet.

"There was this human girl with him, so we decided to wait until she was gone to do it." I nod, signalling that he may continue, "The problem is a demon stepped in, and not anyone, Jeremiah-"

"Wow wow what!" I interrupt, "there was the Caulfield kid, the human girl and Jeremiah?" This city is proving to be extremely bizarre.

Armel only nods, proving me right before continuing with his tale of what happened hours previously; "we thought Jeremiah would finish our job but when he attacked the lone werewolf the girl started shouting and attracted the whole's street attention. We couldn't do much after that..." he finishes lamely.

"I set you a task, a very very simple task" I pinch the bridge of the nose with my fingers and momentarily close my eyes. "You assured me it would be done by this hour and yet, yet Nathan Caulfield is very well alive now!" I hiss at him, my eyes flashing daggers.

"Anything else I might need to know?" I grit my teeth.

"The demon told the human girl that werewolf existed, and I think he mentioned you and George too. He didn't mention any names but he said brothers and werewolves and-" I lift my palm up to stop this nonsense.

"Well this is getting better by the minute then isn't it?" I sarcastically ask him, expecting no answer because if he dares open his mouth after the failure of this morning his head will be rolling on the floor in a flash. I desperately seek the calmness of my brother alas he has already departed to the witch's house to talk to our alpha whilst I waited here to see how this little mission went. "And didn't it occur in this useless little brain of yours to kill the girl too?"

"We thought about it but.. when Jeremiah sort of mentioned you he said the girl was your... plaything, or George's, I didn't want to kill her if you knew her" His pale face is as inexpressive as it was the moment he walked through the grand doors of this room, as if the fact that I want to rip his head off doesn't disturb him at all. His last comment got my attention though.

"How was that girl?" I dread the answer, Jeremiah saw me with Anastasia and...

"Long chestnut hair, pretty thin, tall, green eyes, badly dressed" his nose scrunches in disgust and I take in his perfect attire, the way his hair is sleeked back in perfection and the designer's clothes he wears.

"Find her and bring her here" I order, keeping myself together when all I want is to self-palm. Of course of all the girls in this place it had to be her. I notice the flicker of surprise in his eyes, probably astounded I didn't just order her death. Fuck, I'm dumbfounded at myself too. "As quick as possible" I snap and he nods again, leaving the table.

"Who that girl then?" Hunter asks from beside me. He's managed to finally get off the bed and walk down the stairs even though he's paler than usual, dark bags hang under his tired eyes and even his usual smile looks forced. Fucking witches. Who's that girl? Good question and I'm tempted to tell him where to shove his curiosity but one look at his expectant face and I feel guilty for even thinking that.

"The girl from the gym" I answer and he immediately seems to catch on, a winner smile spreading on his face and I know he's going to assault me with questions. I swear sometimes he looks like a teenage girl.

"You've seen her again then?" he gets comfortable in his chair, knowing he's got me and that I can't refuse him when he's in the state he's currently in. I only nod, not wanting to elaborate, of course no such luck for me because his next question is, "when?"

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