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“Have you understood everything?” Martin, my new boss, asks me and I slowly nod, my eyes travelling around the room, “good, now let’s get started we’ve already lost too much time”

Without another word I wrap the white apron around my waist and take off towards a couple who has just sat down. I always have a pair of jeans and clean shirts for when I have work, it’s not like I could come in my half ripped trousers I was wearing last night, but I totally forgot that here workers wear uniform. Neither of the customers give me a look over, they order like I was a server you could find anywhere which, when you think about it, is quiet normal. In nearly every bar in the City half the waiters come from the suburbs, only elegant places that are normally situated around the Central Place refuse to hire us in. A tea and an orange juice with a piece of cheesecake, got it.

Trying to make a good impression on my first day of practice I rush through as much orders as I can manage until it’s already half past twelve, my lunch break. I don’t know if I should go to the backroom with the three other waiters or stay in the main room, luckily one of the men who I now work with seems to sense my hesitation and beckons me from the door that gives into the waiters’ room, “come on, it’s lunch break, there’s no one here.” Indeed, the front door is closed.

Most of the cafés here are restaurants too, Chez Martin, my new workplace, follows the same pattern.  It opens at half past seven for workers to grab a quick coffee or croissant and stays open until midday, and then we close down until one where the restaurant opens until late at night, I don’t really know what hour nor am I interested. My work shift only last until half past two. New waiters should be arriving soon for their shift.

“Anastasia am I correct?” the man who invited me in the waiters’ room asks. A few strands of sandy hair fall from his quiff and into his blue eyes which match perfectly with the black uniform we’re all wearing, his lips are slightly on the thin side but when he smiles a range of perfectly white teeth flash at me.  I quickly chew on the piece of sandwich Geisha gave me this morning before answering.

“I prefer Tasha” I smile back, noticing that Martin and his wife, Elizabeth along with another waiter and waitress are staring.

“Nice name, I’m Joshua” he leans forwards to shake my hand and I’m a bit taken aback by this physical contact with someone I barely know. “This wanker over there is Frank and she’s Nikita” he adds, gesturing towards the other waiters, the Frank guy sticks up his middle finger before nodding my way. He wears a short cut, hi hair a dark brown that match with his eyes which gleam in amusement when he throws a spoon at Joshua’s face, his body is long and slim and slightly reminds me of an asparagus; he must be one of the oldest here, 45 tops. Nikita has her hair dyed red, the blond roots are starting to show at the top, her very light blue eyes that are almost translucent fix on me and flashes a friendly grin, her teeth, smaller than average, stick out under the red lipstick that go in match with her hair.

“And I bet you already know these old bosses here” he gestures at Martin and Elizabeth, “you know Tasha, the old man who’s starting to take root to his bar”

“Oh shut up! We’re not that old” Elizabeth reprimands him, her hand going to her chestnut hair, silver threads are already decorating it and wrinkles have formed at the corner of her lips.

“I know someone who’s not going to get his pay these next few months” Martin jokes, his hair is now totally grey which makes me wonder how old he must be exactly, a thin white moustache adorns his lower face whilst the contour of his eyes and front are filled with wrinkles.

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