After The Sun Died by limabean10
After The Sun Diedby Sunblaze
When the day the Sun stopped moving, the Moon lit up both day and night, and the birds let out a mourning cry. (This story takes place before the events of Season 1, and...
  • celestia
  • mild
  • mlp
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Homestuck x Reader Oneshots /Requests Open/ by NaomiOrKiko
Homestuck x Reader Oneshots / Naomi Or Kiko
This will technically be my first book. :V I originally created this on Quotev, But I'm moving it here. It might suck, it might not suck. Who knows! Welp Uh Click and ge...
  • gamzee
  • karkat
  • aradia
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Quête Mystique by LyriaAmbrosius
Quête Mystiqueby ChrisCassar
Un monde rempli de démons. Une prophétie. Le début d'un voyage pour un monde meilleur, où l'issue est incertaine. Est-ce-que se sera la bonne fin, ou la mauvaise fin..? ...
  • magic
  • demons
  • humans
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Godly by _Horizons_
Godlyby Madalyn
The Greek gods are gone. No more Zeus, no more Hades, no more Poseidon. A new set of Gods and Goddesses have taken over. Not if a stranger from the 21st century has any...
  • greek
  • elves
  • elements
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Accepting The Alpha (Slow Updates)  by SimbaIsBae
Accepting The Alpha (Slow Updates) by Ariyonna Howard
Quick Briefing: Alpha submitting to rouge Alpha. Not easy, but there will be times when they seem fine. I'll try to fill it with drama ....Also if you want something to...
  • humans
  • mxm
  • alpha
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Under the Half Moon by yarrowsparrow
Under the Half Moonby Jenna Brewer
Gaiea is a land split in two by warfare and strife; the polytheistic elves have been driven from their homeland by the rich human nation of Annesa, the Great Empire of V...
  • fantasy
  • harpy
  • human
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The Heart Of The Wolf by Aquiverxly
The Heart Of The Wolfby Aquiverxly
Loki, being found.. Hurt in the woods slowly recovering in his new home. After a while.. He finally gets released.. Where will he go..? I wonder. Meanwhile... Sarah disc...
  • adventure
  • fiction
  • wolves
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Hostage by CutiePie131313
Hostageby Sarah
The year, 2476. The world was overrun by Werewolves, Vampire, and Witches. The strongest Witch, Vampire, and Werewolf are known as the kings and queen. There was however...
  • humans
  • witches
  • kidnapped
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AvP/H (Alien Vs Predator Divided By Humans)  by Boazkoolrean1
AvP/H (Alien Vs Predator Divided Boazkoolrean1
This is the gosh awfully written first story of my alien Vs Predator fanfictions, be forgiving, I wrote it when I was 12, shortly after the release of the first AvP movi...
  • alienvspredator
  • sci-fi
  • avp
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Unknown(for now) by SamAndDeanAndCastiel
Unknown(for now)by SamAndDeanAndCastiel
Demons and other breeds
  • romance
  • demons
  • humans
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Humans and... Monsters?! by lenny_face69420
Humans and... Monsters?!by lenny_face69420
In this story you play a girl who has no family whatsoever. She lives all alone by herself. She has one friend. Her best friend Gabby. Gabby was always a trouble maker a...
  • gaster
  • asriel
  • undertale
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Save My Skin -Sampler- by Maku-Tan
Save My Skin -Sampler-by SimplyCATastrophic
Alexis is an Omega. He spent his whole life alone. Once his mother died, he was kicked out of his pack, the only reason for him staying was because his mother was the...
  • omega
  • werewolf
  • wolfs
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Advent of Spacefaring (AOS) by LorenFangor
Advent of Spacefaring (AOS)by Loren
The year is 2018. Humanity has just been discovered... by a handful of seemingly friendly aliens. A lot is needed to catch us up, and several of our newfound friends fro...
  • culture
  • humans
  • aliens
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Yūgen by S_Faust
Yūgenby Average Joe 👌
Unedited/beta YŪGEN (n) a profound awareness of the universe that triggers a deep emotional response. ««« Ettore was nothing but a greedy and selfish man who works f...
  • hate
  • dark
  • gods
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Through Their Eyes by Tiberius_the_Hawk
Through Their Eyesby Tiberius
A story from the perspective of humans...
  • owners
  • lost
  • humans
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Phoenix high school by Mysterious_vanish
Phoenix high schoolby Blue nightmares
A high-school boy by the name of simon goes to Phoenix high school filled with elves, witches, demons, centaurs, mermaids, silvestris (cat human) and werewolves also any...
  • mythicalcreatures
  • centuars
  • elf
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ain't the right size ✗ by XteddybearO
ain't the right size ✗by galaxiedsoul
people trying to find the right size so that they can fit in🌵 (working) ✗ (completed) ✓ (edited) ✓✓
  • people
  • memories
  • society
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