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Tasha's POV

He's put the alarm at five in the morning. As soon as the first ring erupts in the still sombre room he shuts it, as if he was already awake. I stir and start to turn towards him, prepared to ask if he's alright but he tells me to go back to sleep. Last night, when we finished enjoying our delicious meal he told me about attacking demons this morning and how I could finally go back home even though he'll check on me from time to time to be sure everything's alright. The news should have overjoyed me, or at least I should have felt a bit happy knowing I'll go back home. I ended up feeling guilty when none of those feelings came, instead I was sad and depressed knowing I was leaving Cole and I had to go back to my everyday problems. More now that they wanted to throw us out of the only place we had left in this city. The same way the indigenous' territory was taken away from them hundreds of years ago until they were left with a small patch of land before being exterminated.

I was worried about him too, and judging by the way he didn't move at all tonight I doubt he's got any sleep. He must be a good fighter, the thought makes me smile. It seems so long ago when he promised to help me learn to fight yet I only had two lessons, both ended the same way. Maybe I should propose it again, this way I know I'll see more of him. Somehow the idea seems wrong, he'll already have his hands full. The side of the bed dips and then lifts up when he gets up, silently padding towards the bathroom and closing the door. As I turn I see lightening passing underneath the closed door, barely illuminating the room. I wanted to sleep with the curtains opened so I could see the view but he refused, claiming there was too much light.

The thought of seeing Geisha and Gill and the Monahan terrorizes me. All the house's problems will fall on my shoulder and I still have to find a job. My stomach squelches at the thought. I don't know how we'll manage this winter and time seems to be flying past so quickly. The last time this happened we resulted to robbery and, although profitable, it's become too risked. Again my thoughts switch back to Cole, what if something happens to him? I doubt anything will but still, an accident happens so quickly.

"You can go down for breakfast whenever you want, just shut the door behind you. The buffet starts at seven." He emerges from the room, a towel ruffling his hair and the bathroom lights giving it an auburn glow.

"Okay" my voice comes out sleepy and hoarse so I clear my throat and start again, "what about you?" I check the alarm clock, 5:30.

"I have half an hour before going to George's room."

"What are you going to do?" Last night he told me they parted here at seven.

"Our stuff" he shrugs and sits on the bed next to me, his brown flecked with green eyes staring at me.

"I love your eyes" I mutter, rubbing mine and sitting up so that we're at eye level.

"Thanks" he grins and softly pecks my lips. I slip my hand at the base of his neck and bring him closer, applying more pressure. Gently he drops his right arm at my side and lowers until I have to lie down. Our lips still move smoothly against each other, none of the urgency of our previous kisses can be found, instead we're taking our time, slowly exploring each other's mouth. His hand starts to roam underneath his shirt, on the skin that covers my stomach and ribs but not going any further until it lies contentedly near my hip.

He finally pulls away from me to catch our breath but doesn't move away, just stays staring straight into my eyes, his arms resting on either side of me. "I love you" I whisper and instantly want to palm myself across the face. Why did I even say that? I'm not even sure it's true, and by the way his eyes have widened I can tell he wasn't expecting this either.

"I... I don't know why I said that" I backtrack, wishing I could take it back. He'll probably never want to see me ever again, thinking I'll become desperate and clingy.

"It's okay" his smile is too tight to be sincere and he slowly sits back up, quickly followed by me. Way to ruin a moment I think to myself as we sit in an uncomfortable silent, neither of us looking at each other.

"Your brother's going to wait for you" I clear my throat and I'm the first to speak. He turns towards me and follows my gaze on the bedside table, 5:51. Time sure flies. "And you aren't even dressed" I try joking and, thankfully, he grins before getting of the bed and towards the wardrobe.

Not aguantar this silent between us that is growing thicker by the minute I have to open my mouth again, "do you fight like that or..." I trail off, signalling to him.

"Like what?" he lightly laughs.

"Like now, person... or do you..." does he change into a wolf? How does it even happen?

"Oh" he catches on and pulls a white shirt on before answering, "No, I'm changing, most of us are"

"Is it easier to fight?"

"We're stronger that way and I've had enough experience to know all the advantages"

"And what are you going to do about the people there?"

"We'll try to keep the demons inside their houses, that's why of us aren't changing, to take care of the ones who access the street." Last night he hadn't wanted to answer that question, claiming it was information I didn't need to know. I'll take it he's more open in the morning, or too sleepy to think properly.

"And what are..."

"Already asking so many questions so early?" it did surprise me he didn't stop me earlier. He stand in front of me, fully dressed and prepared and I don't know what to say, I hope he'll forget what I said minutes ago even though I feel a bit of my heart hurt at the thought.

"I don't know when I'll see you again" my voice's volume lowers and I stare at my hands. Somehow those words sounded a lot like I love you.

My breathing hitches when two of his fingers slide under my chin, gently lifting my head up until we're facing each other.

"I'll check on you as soon as I can" he lowers his face and softly kisses me, letting go of my chin at the same time he does my lips. "I have to go now, you can go home whenever you want but first, please have breakfast here."

I nod and stare at him as he marches towards the door and clothes it behind him. Listening carefully I hear him open the one next door and voices on the other side of the room. Did George, who has a more powerful hearing sense than me, hear everything that I said?

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