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Cole's POV

"Well that's going to be fucking easy" I sarcastically remark.

"I understand this isn't the easiest task I've ever set you to but this must be done." Ceitho calmly answers. "Do you think you will be enough or will you need George too?"

"I don't need a whole pack to capture and interrogate a demon" I proudly remark, George will have his plate full anyway.

"Go for the yellow-eyed, or the black-eyed. The others will be of little use, they won't know what is really going on. The generals will be harder to find and infinitely hard to capture but they'll be worth it, but don't take any risks, the henchmen and soldiers are easy preys and they'll talk quicker. Don't even think of approaching the Liliths."

"I'm not stupid. And I know the demon hierarchy" I'm annoyed at Ceitho, partly because he's keeping me away from my brother for so long and also because he's taking so long to act. He should have ordered me to interrogate a demon the second we discovered they were here in mass.

Still, as I'm cold and cutting I don't dare to look into my Alpha's eyes. The room is silent for a moment as my insolence sinks in until Ceitho turns to my brother, asking him if they are enough to capture a witch.

"Yeah, of course. When will we meet again?"

"As soon as both of you have the information I'm asking for; what are demons, or witches, doing in such a great concentration?" Although the witch Margaret's small living room is packed with werewolves the only ones talking are us three.

"Do we have free reign?" I feel obligated to ask. With the way Ceitho is acting I don't think I'll be surprised he makes us ask politely for answers. Fuck, am I suppose to say please and thank you?

"Yes, in fact don't set them free afterwards, just... Dispose of the body somewhere it will never be found" wow, I wasn't expecting this. Seeing my surprised look Ceitho elaborated, "we're threading on a thin line, if they were to find out we tortured one of their members, either witch or demon, it could pose some serious problems."

"Something's been nagging me though. I'm staying in Onyx and Cole is staying here, but what about the other cities? I mean, if this place is polluted with Demons and Onyx is filled with shit as witches, what could there be in the cities next door?" George asks what I've started to wonder too.

"I'm taking care of this" Ceitho answers calmly, which of course just stresses me further.

"How? I mean the whole pack is already into business" I interrupt, earning a small smirk from George behind Ceitho's back as he turns towards me.

"You are wrong Cole, not all of us are here. Have you forgotten Legolas, Eve and Rafael?" Legolas is the oldest of the pack, although he once was a great fighter this has become impossible for him after he was diagnosed arthritis. He lives in Detroit where he's a sort of secretary. Rafael and Eve, his children, live with him. Rafael's first change was three of four years ago, it came later than normal at the age of seventeen and it went badly. He fractured part of his spine and had to be sent to emergencies, since then he's absolutely terrified to change again. Carlos and Legolas took it upon themselves to train him to fight as a human, and although Rafael is a great fighter, a werewolf that can't change isn't much use on missions. If things started to get ugly he would be more of a nuisance than any other thing. His sister, Eve, also changed later than normal at the age of sixteen and it was only last year, she's still untrained and until next year she won't be joining us on any missions.

"I haven't forgotten them" I speak through my teeth, knowing today I'm disrespecting my Alpha but not liking his accusations. " But what are they going to do?"

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