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Tasha's POV

"They've disappeared, again?" I ask Geisha again as I sit on our rotten couch next to Amelia who holds a steaming cup of tea. I see from the corner of my eye that the white paint on the cup is chipped.

"Last we know of them is that Brenda came searching for Johanna and both of them went out. No news since."

"Maybe they're at that rich house they were last time?" I'm sure it's that.

"Six days... I mean Johanna's mom insisted that if she was to go away for some time to say something. And Emma's dead worried too."

"Emma? Is she still as naïve as always?" Amelia picks up and I nod my head. My best friend scrunches up her nose and gently shakes her head, as if sorry for the innocent girl. A few years back there was a feud between my two friends and since then nothing, not a word between them.

"It must be that, I mean, isn't it strange that they disappear again together?" I insist. Johanna's never been my favourite person, she has always been thirsty for attention and I'm sure that's another one of her twisted plans.

"She can't be that stupid..." Geisha trails off and Amelia snorts.

"Did Brenda say anything to her friends or family?" I ask.

"Apparently no"

"Just let them be, they're just two stupid preteens, I'm sure they're fine" Amelia stands up and washes her empty cup. "Aren't you supposed to be working today?"

Shit. "I got fired..." I whisper, hoping against hope that they wouldn't hear me, no such luck.

"What?!" They shriek at the same time.

"I know.... I know, I'll find something else" I try to reassure them and me. We need this money.

"But why?"

"I didn't go yesterday... and apparently I'm always late and I cause trouble" I bite my lower lip as I block the tears, fighting myself to stop thinking about how these losses of money will affect us.

The room is dead silent when I finally pull up enough courage to stop facing the floor and look and my two friends. Amelia looks pained for me, as if she feels guilty for even asking why I wasn't at work today. Geisha, on the other hand, looks absolutely broken and I know she's already done the maths in her head. Goodbye electricity. Or warm water, what shall it be?

"I'll find something else, don't worry" I speak up when I see her eyes starting to water.  She nods weakly and baffles I don't know what excuse to get out of the house, leaving the door open.

"You will, you'll find something else" my best friend sits down next to me and cradles me in her arms as I let the tears fall.

"But I don't want this! I don't want to find a shitty job and get exploited for the rest of my life" I exclaim, "I want more, I want so much more. I want to be like every other teen in this city, I want to go out of Saturdays and feel like shit on Sundays; I want to study and have a future ahead of me; I don't want to live in constant fear; I want a life, a real life not this!"

"I know... I know..." she murmurs in my ear as we gently rock back and forth.

Cole's POV

"And I care... because?" I sarcastically remark, refilling my glass with alcohol and not offering any to my uninvited guest.

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