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Okay so first of all this is unedited because I've just finished writing it and I'm dead tired.

WARNING Second, if you're uncomfortable with violence and stuff like that just please skip the first part

Thanks, and now enjoy hehe

Cole's POV

I can see by the look on his face that George is beginning to worry that Billy will kill the witch if he keeps going. Her head rolls back on the side when he takes hold of the chair that was sent sprawling onto the floor and sits it back on the floor. A small trail of blood is falling onto the carpet and it comes from her wrists, where the skin has bitten and jerked against the rope too long.

"Come on" I rake my hand through my curls and approach her. A bruise is starting to form around her eye and blood is oozing from her nose. I'll give her credit, she's tougher than I first thought. "You're making me lose my time here girl, so answer my fucking question; what are those damn witches planning?"

Again, the only answer I get is a glare. When I hear Billy shuffle forwards I lift my hand to stop him and lower my face down so that she can't look anywhere except straight at my eyes.  I bare my teeth at her.

"See those teeth, they've ripped open your dear witches' throat. See my brother over there, he's decapitated your little friend that was with you. What was her name again? Aah yeah, Johanna" I grin victoriously when I see her pupils dilate in fear. "Don't worry sweetheart, you'll soon be in the tomb with her, but first you have to answer my question."

"Why will I answer knowing that you'll kill me afterwards?" I throw my head back and laugh, cruelly, at her. She's acting like she has a choice here. Adrenaline pumps high in my veins as I inspire a bit quantity of air, the smell of her fear penetrating my every cell.

"It'll be quick, as soon as we've got what we want you're dead. The quicker you answer the quicker your death; you'll answer anyway, so spare yourself the suffering" George interrupts and I nod, still staring straight in her eye and knowing I'm intimating her.

When she doesn't answer my last bit of patience snaps and I growl deep in my throat. I take hold of the base of her neck with one hand and pull her forward as my other hand pushes her shoulder backwards, effectively dislocating her scapula. George quickly covers her mouth with his hand as he shrieks into his skin, her yells finishing in a pathetic whimper.

"Still nothing?" I quirk my eyebrow at her and before she has anytime to answer I take hold of her tied down wrist and break it. Another yell and again George covers her mouth. I know that she won't take much more and that if I leave her anytime to catch her breath she will build her resolved muteness again. I don't offer her the option to talk anymore, instead I directly punch her in the stomach twice until she's reeling and breathless and on the verge of fainting. And I stop, taking a step back as George pulls his hand away from her face and steps in front of her.

"Are you going to talk now? Because we've got all day darling" he tells her, pulling at her hair to maintain her face up when her head rolls down in exhaustion.  "What are the witches planning exactly?"

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