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So here, short chapter I know but bear in mind that it's only been one day since I've updated. You'll have to wait until at least Monday for an update hehe, but my best friend is coming over for the weekend and I have loads of studying to do.. you know biology and chemistry and stuff xDD

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I thrust in one last time before exhaling loudly and falling on top of her petite body. It seems like my arms are made of jelly and I couldn’t roll over even if I wanted to. Our breathing gradually slows down until I’m able to push my weight off her and fall on my side, I quickly grab her and pull her towards me before the front of my body which was pressed against hers has time to cool off. She moans and presses closer to me, her frail arms circle my waist in an awkward sideway hug.

“I love you” I whisper in her ear, my voice is still deeper than usual.

“Me too” she mumbles. Her sleepy eyes smile at me before snuggling her face in my chest. We lay in silence for a while longer until her breathing indicates she fell asleep, sighting I crane my neck until I’m able to see the clock on the battered side table. Fuck, I only have ten minutes before meeting my brother. As carefully as I can manage I detangle my limbs from Emma and rush around the room to put my clothing on before running out of the front door of her house and into the street.

I arrive just a bit after the City bells ring two thirty, of course Nathan is already here. He looks the same as he always does, his skin is a lighter shade than mine, closer to Kris’s and his hair still refuses to be modelled into dreads so he wears his crazy curls that are getting too long. His honey coloured eyes with pecks of light green fix me whilst a lazy grin forms on his face making his high cheekbones pull up.

“I’m guessing you were with Emma” he says, pushing away from the brick wall he was resting on with one foot so he stands in front of me, only a few centimetres shorter. We do our weird fist knock before he slaps my shoulder with his open palm in a brotherly greeting, “and judging by how happy you look I bet you two were doing the deed”.

I playfully punch him in the shoulder and laugh at how interested he is in my love life with Emma. He joins in good heartedly before catching me up on where we’re going.

“You want to take a walk around Vrinda?” I ask as if he was totally delusional. “What the fuck? Are you already bored with life brother?”

“Look, I knew you’d react this way that’s why we’re only going around Vrinda and not Constantia” he explains, referring to the biggest of the two jails, the one were prisoners condemned to death are taken.

“Is this why Kris isn’t here too?” I have to ask, normally it’s always the three of us, and sometimes even friends join us in our quest for a better world to live in.

“You know how many guards patrol around the prisons and I don’t think Kris will be able to support it. Imagine if we came across one of the bastards who did that to him” he spits, his face scrunching in disgust as he remembers what these sons of a bitch did to our younger brother. I feel the firsts flames of anger ignite in my chest at the memory of how broken we found our brother hours later. Noticing my sudden rage Nathan puts his hand on my shoulder with an understanding look in his eyes.

“Save your anger for actual fighting” he tells me before turning around and walking towards the central part of the City. I swallow the burning bitterness with a few deep breaths and take off after him.

We chatted for the firsts few minutes before settling in a comfortable silence, our steps matching perfectly as if we were only one. Nathan may have a different father than Kris and I but I’ve never considered him anything else than a brother, someone I would give my life for. I never knew who his father was, apparently him and our mother had a rocky relationship and one day he was shot dead when he ran away from guards, Nathan hadn’t even reached his first year yet. Our mother had to accept a family that came from an overcrowded home and that way met my father, less than a year later I was born, quickly followed by Kris.

“Let’s take Melway Street, this way we won’t have to cross half the city to reach Vrinda” he finally breaks the silence by nodding towards a nearby street.

A few metres before taking the slight turn that leads into the street loud shrieking and whimpering noises reach us, the voice feminine and somehow familiar. We glance at each other before running towards the source of the noise, the girl is pleading someone to let her go and I’m desperate to take the corner to know who is behind this familiar voice.

We’re so used to the scene that unfolds in front of us that seeing a girl held back by a guy wearing the guards’ uniform whilst another one takes advantage on her doesn’t surprise us anymore. The one that’s holding her skinny wrists over her head is the first one to notice us, he quickly lets her go and alerts his companion who’s lying on top of the poor girl. They both stand up as quickly as they can manage but it’s already too late, we’ve charged straight at them and I’m currently hitting my fist repeatedly against the guy’s face. From the corner of my eye I spot my brother kicking the older man who’s fallen on the floor and I realize with a mix of horror and disgust that the one I’m currently holding has his pants undone.

The fight doesn’t last long, I’m still too angry to be messed with and I deliver it all the young black head and Nathan is still the best fighter around so the middle-aged man doesn’t stand a chance. I let mine slump on the ground, unconscious and quickly rush over to the girl who’s covering her face with her hands and whimpering softly. Another slump and I know Nathan’s finished with his opponent. 

“Tasha” I call her out, her chestnut curls now recognizable. I crouch in front of her and pry her hands away as delicately as I can manage, which is not much. Her eyes are bloodshot; the small water droplets are still running down her face as she looks up at me helplessly.

“Did they hurt you?” I have to ask; maybe it’s just the shock that’s put her in this state.

“Nothing irreparable” she answers. I take a discreet look down her body whilst she’s whipping her tears away and a weight lifts from my shoulders when I realize that although her shirt is ripped apart her pants are still firmly on.

“Do you think you can get up?” I inquire, pushing my weight up and lowering my hand so she can grab it to help steady her. She nods and gets up, feigning not to see my hand that’s there to help her, once fully up she seems a bit unstable and I take a step forward in case she loses her balance, but she only gives me a shy smile and a small “everything’s fine”.

“Here, take this” my brother interrupts the silence that’s settling, she quickly turns around and blushes when she sees that he’s giving her his shirt, only now does she realize that  her bra is on display and that her shirt can go into the nearest bin.

Mumbling a small thank you she takes the shirt and puts it on top of her rag and stares at us in silence, her eyes asking me what to do now.

“Nathan, let’s go there later today or tomorrow okay? We’ll take you home Tasha” I speak to both of them, I was going to say Vrinda but realized we were not alone and bringing up going for a walk around a jail in front of this shocked girl might not be a good idea.

My brother gives me a firm nod and takes off in the direction we just came from; Tasha instead nods almost shyly and clings closer to me than to Nathan on our way back home.

I let my thought drift to this girl next to me, Anastasia. She’s known Emma’s cousin for ages, and has been Emma’s friend for years now but I still don’t seem to know much about her, I’ve seen her hanging around with Kris a couple of times, she was here when he got his hands cut off and helped him mentally get through it. She seems a bit scared of Nathan, something I perfectly understand; Nathan and I share the same severe features, a cold exterior that’s difficult to get past. 

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