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First of all I am terrible sorry for not posting earlier but Iwas basically dying under exams. The good thing is that it's over and so is school hehehe, I'll have my grades on Thursday so wish me luck :*

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter, personally I think it's one of my best. Tell me what you think at the end xD

Tasha's POV

I'm so intent on trying to relax and on convincing myself I must have imagined those yellow eyes that I don't realize where he's taking me until he slows down and the arm around my waist drops. I clear my head and a smile spreads wide on my face. He has taken me to the upper neighbourhood where it's full of pubs and nightclubs, not to count the luxurious houses and parks that extended forever.

"So, party tonight?" he whispers in my ear and a shiver breaks through my body. I love how he does this to me. How I'm able to completely forget myself and my responsibilities when I'm with him. I shouldn't be here, I should be going to bed and preparing for a day walking around trying to find a job tomorrow. But at his presence my mind seems to go wild with freedom.

"Yeah" I murmur back and walk forwards, grabbing his hand, "where to first?" This street is packed, disco next to disco, intense lights illuminating the wide street and reflecting on the nearby trees. Loud music emerges from different pubs and some people are drunkenly walking around as their friends try to reach for them. I spot a couple kissing at the corner of another street, her skirt already bunched up around her waist. As I look upwards I realize the stars are barely visible from here and I don't know if it's from the thick smoke emerging from a club with bright pink walls or if it's due to all those lights, each one a different colour. If the street has such an ambience I can't imagine how it must be inside.

"This one" he points to the building next to the club with the pink walls and smoke. The place he's pointing at has wide open doors, two security men with bulky muscles and black t-shirts are standing at the front, controlling ID.

"I'm seventeen" I tell him, my voice apologetic. He shrugs and takes my hand, walking towards the entrance. As expected one of the men stop me as we walk inside and asks for ID, panicked I look over at Cole who steps back outside.

"She's with me" he tells security. I take advantage of this time to have a good look at Cole's body. His muscles aren't as bulky as the other man's but they're still well defined and larger than average, his white shirt hugging his upper body in a way that allows me to see his biceps ripple. He's taller than the other two men too and stands straighter, as if he owns the place and he knows it. And he does because soon enough he grabs my hand and pulls me inside. I've stared so much that I forgot to listen and have no idea how he convinced them to let me in, but the fact is that none of them react when I step through the doors.

I nearly gasp as I have a look at the place. It's enormous. Straight in front, slightly elevated stands the DJ, his music instantly penetrates me and makes me want to hop on one of the small platforms that are dispersed around the large room. People, mostly young and barely dressed girls, are on them, attracting the attention of the public. A multitude of lights coming from different directions enlighten the place, their glow first blinding me but, gradually, as we advance towards the bar, I get used to them.

"Two shots of vodka" Cole shouts over the music to the young man behind the counter who only nods and pulls shot glasses from under the metal bar.

Three shots later we're on the dance floor and I let free. I lift my arms up as I let my body dance to the rhythm of the heavy bass. My eyes gently close, savouring the moment and somehow at ease knowing that Cole has got my back. When I open them again a dense and perfumed smoke has been fired from the stage at the front. I turn around to find Cole when I feel his warm palms resting on my hips, right on the bare skin between my shirt and trousers. Between the smoke and red flashing to green lighting he looks different, more dangerous... like a predator. This thought instantly vanishes when he grins at me and pulls me towards him so that my back is flush against his front. The moment feels so intimate knowing that people can barely see us that I can't resist grinding against him. I hadn't realised how close we really where until now when he lets out a deep breath that makes contact against the warm skin of my neck.

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