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Tasha's POV

Finally the two hands of the clock are pointing at two o'clock. I quickly swipe the counter and toss the cloth to the side before waving goodbye to my companions and exiting the bar. Autumn has come, brown leaves are already swirling in the air before gently depositing on the street where they will be stepped on and crunched to pieces, unrecognizable. The climate is slowly changing too and soon enough I'll have to bring a coat. The days will soon start getting shorter and I'll dread the winter once again, all the cold that will infiltrate through the thin walls of our house and through the cracks in the door to freeze us all during the night. We'll get sick and the weakest children will die for lack of medicine.

I shiver and hug my sweatshirt closer to my body as I accelerate my walk, in a rush to get to my destination. The streets are full of people that are also on their break, luckily I don't have to get back before six to start preparing the tables for dinners.

Once again I'm astounded by the beauty of the South Palace and try to figure out how much a night here could cost. Cole has been here for a while but still his way of dressing and of mainting himself isn't proper of a rich man. The clerk at the front desk seizes me up and down and looks quite disgusted as I trail away towards the elevators. She must have imagined I was a prostitute or something similar, not that I care.

"I was waiting for you" Cole announces, opening the door before I even reach it. How the hell does he do that? I take a moment to appreciate how handsome he looks today. He wears the usual jeans and white shirt but somehow something looks different as he steps away from the door to let me in. As I smile at him I realize his hair is sleaked back in a badass attitude instead of his loose curls.

"I've got 'till half past five" I tell him and he nods, "I thought you had a meeting today?"

He whips back towards me so quickly I fear he'll have neck ache tomorrow but he instantly relaxes when his gaze meets mine and brushes his long fingers over his hair. "True, you where here when Hunter told me" he laughs it off and I'm curious as to why he panicked so much an instant ago, "yeah I do have a meeting, but it's at eight"

"Are you going to go?" I'm almost fearful to ask.

He stares at me for a long moment, so long I feel hottnest creeping to my cheeks before answering, "I hope not"

I stiffle the smile that threatens to surface and instead rub my eyes and finally get on to the reason I came here, "so, are you going to teach me how to fight or what?"

"Yeah, first of all do you have any basics at all?" I shrug and start turning away towards the large window before quickly turning back around on one foot at lunching a punch at his stomach. He looks startled and quickly steps aside so that my knuckles only graze the fabric of his shirt. Instantly one of his hands seizes my leading wrist and pulls me towards him as his other hand punches me lightly on the ribs, "you left part of yourself uncovered" he whispers in my ear as I crash into his chest.

I nod and start pulling away, as soon as his hold on me relaxes I aim my elbow at his chin which I nearly hit except he throws his head back and kicks both my shins so I lose my balance and end on the floor."But you got the basics" he adds, giving me his hand which I gladly take and I wince as I stand up. Sore bottom.

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