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George’s POV

As soon as I hit the street’s corner I remember why this girl seemed so familiar. Brown curls, green eyes and a slim figure who claims to have met me last night. That’s the girl who Cole was telling me about last night by phone. What was her name again? Ah yeah, Anastasia. After Cole hang up last night I’d had a nagging feeling in my gut that I knew would only go away once I’d see my brother again. Following my instincts I gave the guys a day of and took the first train from Onyx to here.

Exactly when the city clock strikes noon I spot the hotel where the rest of the pack are staying.  The first thing I spot is a big white façade that’s surrounded with lawn and enclosed in fancy iron gates which are open. Palm trees surround the entrance and on the side there’s a parking lot. A fancy hotel by the sight of the cars parked on the side, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari…

I ask my brother’s room at the reception. At first the woman seemed a bit unsure on giving me an extra key but after a compliment and dazzling smile she blushes and quickly hands me over the key. Fuck that was easy. Even though they’re all settled on the third floor I take the stairs; there’s nothing worse than being crammed up in an elevator with a bunch of stranger. I bite back a laugh as I remember how a few years back Cole and I had to take the elevator and how my brother snarled and groaned so hard at a man that had involuntarily stepped on his feet that the man pissed on himself, the odour of urine filling the small place only made everything worse. I think he must take the stairs to his room too.

I pad silently across the corridor until I reach the door which marks nº137. As carefully as I can manage I insert the key into the keyhole and push open the door slowly to stop it from creaking. I’m curious if I’ll ever be able to take Cole by surprise. When I slip into the beige room the king size bed is empty, the sheets are pulled back which indicates he had indeed slept here. I fix my hearing towards the bathroom but don’t hear anything. With a sight I resign myself that he’s out and that I’ll have to wait for him here. Screw the surprise meeting.

A growling sound makes me turn my head, but too late. A weight falls on top of me, making me collapse on the floor. As soon as I recognize the smell I let out a laugh and relax, knowing that I’m in no immediate danger. I struggle a bit against Cole and try to push him off me, but the surprise effect has already given him the upper hand and I know that there’s no way I’m escaping his death grip.

“Always check behind the door, my dear brother” he grins at me whilst getting up and giving me his hand to hoist me up.

“What gave you to hint that I was here?”

“I heard you insert the key and then I only had to smell you through the door” he explains, still grinning as he sits on the bed.

“I’ll get you next time. I couldn’t really rely on smell this time because the room already smells of you” I answer back, lying onto his unmade bed. Fuck I got up way too early this morning.

“You always say that and I’m always the one to startle you. Just admit it brother, you can’t catch me surprised”

“I have already done it”

“Oh yeah when we were fifteen, or was it sixteen?” he mocks me and I quickly aim a punch at his stomach. He’s quicker to move off the bed so that my knuckles only hit air. “Body language, body language” he sniggers and makes his way towards the en suite bathroom.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?” he asks from the other room.

“I was getting kind of bored in Onyx without you” I shrug my shoulders even though he can’t see me.

“I know the feeling, things are alright here but it would be way better if you were around” I hear the shower starting. What the hell has he been doing all morning?

“Ah, do you remember the girl you told me about last night?” I suddenly remember out run in.

“Yeah, why? Is she some kind of hybrid I haven’t been able to spot?” he jokes and I hear the splashing of soap.

“No, I can say she’s just a clueless human. I met her today”

“What the fuck? When?”

“Half an hour ago at most, right before coming over” Fuck his bed is so comfortable I’m considering taking a nap. I take his t-shirt away from the bed and throw it on the floor with the rest of his possessions.

“And what did you tell her?”

“Nothing, I didn’t make the remembrance until I was gone”

“And what do you think of her?” Why is he so interested in knowing my opinion on a human?

“She’s pretty enough and seems quiet alert. But I’m sure she’s pretty dumb to everything that’s not included in her everyday life”

“What human isn’t?” Cole chuckles and he turns off the water.

“True” I smile back as he makes his way into the room, only covered in the standard white towel that are given in every hotel room. “What were your plans for today anyway?”

“Ah well you see, technically the plan was to go on a recognition mission, but I’m starting to get bored of trailing this shit place very day for so long already. I mean what the fuck are we supposed to do? If I detect other supernaturals we kill them, we don’t wait for them to know we’re into town”

“You know Ceitho’s orders, we wait and see what happens” I try to soothe his thirst for action and murder.

“And what are we waiting for? This is complete shit; witches in Onyx already know you’re there, how do we know that demons here don’t know it too?” he rants, finally pulling his shirt over his head. He rakes the towel through his hair and passes his hand through it. That’s enough combing for him.

“There’s nothing we can do, because technically they haven’t violated any rules. As soon as they step one toe out of the line we pounce” I grin at him, knowing how desperate he is to attack and feeling my own unmoral side tugging to be released. ”What about we go for a run today?”

His eyes light up as they meet mine and I can see I’ve finally taken his mind of things. There’s nothing more relieving than running for werewolves, we let out wolves have complete control and relish in it.

“The witch Margaret’s house is at the edge of the woods, the look pretty dense”

“The more fun then” I grin at him and stand up from the bed, dashing for the door like an addict would run for another bottle. It’s been too long since my last chance and I feel my wolf going mad inside of me, already heaving to exit my body.

We run in our human forms until we reach the woods where we pause for a moment to catch our breaths. Once done we walk towards the forest’s centre so there’s no chance we’ll come across any humans. Too many accidents have already happened when humans found us.

“Change quickly” Cole orders me, taking his clothing off and hiding them under a bush before crouching on all fours and letting the transformation take over. I do the same, resting on my hands and knees a bit further away so we won’t disrupt each other during our change.

I bite back my lip to stifle the groan when my whole body starts twitching and turning into angles that aren’t made for my human body. Too long, fuck it’s been too long. Not bearing any more I open my mouth to relieve a snarl which ends in a familiar howling, my transformation finished. I lay panting on the fresh leaves for a moment, trying to catch my breath until I feel something nudging my back leg. My senses more alert I quickly roll over and stand up so that I’m face to face with a wolf identical to mine.

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