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Hello, two updates in three days weheey hehe, this chapter is longer than usual, so I hope you have fun reading it. I had fun writing it :*

Be warned: cliffhanger at the end hahaha

Tasha's POV

"Shit, I didn't know that freak was still around" Amelia shrieks, banging the front door shut. I stay quiet and internally feel bad for her. Geisha coughs into her cup when she sees the look Carmine Monahan, mother of the Monahan clan, is throwing at my best friend. Amelia's already tinted cheeks blush a deep crimson when the youngest son tugs at his father's sleeve and naively asks, "Daddy, what is a freak?" 

I mentally self-palm myself and bite my lower lip to keep the laughter in. His father splutters into his morning coffee and looks at his wife, silently pleading for help, except said wife is throwing a murderous look at Amelia.

"Emm, Tasha could we go... outside?" her eyes are pleading and I nod, taking my coffee with me as I step into the chilly morning air and wrap my discoloured coat closer to my body.

"Getting cold isn't it?" she smiles at me and I nod, dreading the winter.

"So, who's the freak?" I smirk and she suddenly looks serious again.

"Dylan, you didn't-"

"Wait what? Have you seen him?" I swear under my breath as I burn my hand with the scalding liquid when my body jolts up in surprise.

"Yes, last night when I went to the post office to retrieve a packet my mom sent. He was at a bar, reading a book. I didn't know he could read?" she sarcastically remarks.

"Did he see you?" I'm starting to get worried now. If he stays in his part of his city it should be easy to avoid him, I just hope he doesn't make another surprise visit into the suburbs as he did a few weeks ago.

"Yeah, he started calling me and telling me to come and get a drink with him. I flipped him off and told him where he could shove his drink" I snort at how serious she looks saying this. "And don't worry, I made sure he didn't follow me. To be extra sure I waited until this morning to come to your house"

"Thanks" I breathe out, relieved that he hasn't found out where I live yet.

"What are you going to do? I mean, if he finds you"

"I don't know... run I guess" I don't meet her gaze when I answer, knowing it won't be enough for her.

"He can outrun you, and he'll find you again. Tasha, kick him where it hurts."

"Don't you think I haven't tried that yet?" I'm suddenly spiteful, and I know, deep down, that this isn't her fault but she has no right telling me that running off like a coward isn't enough. "And do you know what it earned me? A fractured rib and a broken jugular"

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