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I thank her one last time, my body leaning forwards, nearly to the point of hugging her frail one but I quickly pull away to finally turn around and walk towards the edge of the forest. At first I'm a bit unsure on how much weight I can actually put on my injured leg, but by the time I pass the train station I know it's totally cured and that Maggie, once again, has proven to be... magic I could say. She took the bandage off this morning, the bite that was made only two days ago had turned from a sick purple to a pinkish colour, it now only looks slightly irritated and the hole that had been made is totally closed, a small crust is the only evidence there has been indeed an injury made.

Once I reach the border of the City I weight my options, it's more or less two in the afternoon, I could try and search for work in small cafés or shops, or I could go back home. A wave of emotions surges through me, sadness, anxiety, melancholy, you name it. Home? I snort at this stupid concept; I don't even have a place to call home no more. I close my eyes and try to breathe evenly at all these emotions assaulting me; it's almost strange when I feel a wet trail making its way down my cheek. Tears... it's been so long I haven't stopped to assess my feelings, so long I haven't felt anything but the urge to live and get through everything.

Taking a final breath and wiping my eyes I walk straight into the crowd, stopping every time I see a small bar or anything that doesn't seem to care too much where their employees come from or what they look like. Of course, elegant and rich places are out of order.

"Anastasia!" I quickly swing my head around at the sound of my name and sure enough, running towards me are Emma and Aaron. Aaron is Kris' brother, he's a bit older than me, 21 I think, he and Emma have been together since she was thirteen, which must be about four years now. With his nearly two metres of high and black dreads Aaron is such a contrast to blue-eyed and blonde-haired Emma who barely reaches the 1.6 metres. I've met them through Emma's cousin, Jamie, who's been my friend since I was a toddler.

"Tasha." I instinctively correct, when they reach me.

"Where were you? We've been so worried! Josh said that last time he saw you the guards were after you, and it's already been three days."

"Two" Aaron gently corrects his girlfriend, he's always so gentle with her, never loses his short patience or temper when she's around. It's like its two different people in the same body, one who appears around the people here and especially Emma, it's gentleness mixt with only enough worry. Aaron's second face is not at nice; his attitude towards the guards and the City's habitants is rebellious and downwards aggressive. I've always admired him and his two other brothers, Kris and Nathan, how they never bowed down to the authorities and the way they always speak their minds. Even after Kris got his hands cut off they didn't back down, it only urged them to fight harder for their rights.

"I had to go to Maggie's, the dogs bit me in the leg. But I'm alright now." I quickly add when I see Emma's scared expression. I think that she's the most innocent person left here, Aaron has always protected her from the horrors of this world, has always kept her secured and away from harm's way. She's not stupid, she knows people die and others disappear, but she's never experienced first-hand the persecutions and deaths inflicted.

"I see you're standing well, she must have done a good job at curing you." Aaron tells me and I nod, "did she let you stay there all this time?"

"I left this morning, I had to look for work" I explain, Maggie has helped lots of people, but never lets them stay the night, only me and Helene had this privilege. A pang of pain erupts in my chest at the reminder of Helene.

"That's good, did you find anything?"

"Yeah, I got hired for two weeks practice at this small coffee shop; you know the one that's in Trebuchet Street?"

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