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Hello, so because my updating hasn't been very regular and there are loads of characters appearing, I'm making this so everything can get cleared up J

So here's a list of all the characters and some of their important actions or whoever they're connected to, this way I hope it will make the story easier to understand.

Anastasia: obviously the main character haha, I'm sure you haven't lost her. Works at a café and used to have an abusive boyfriend "Dylan" (chap.10), her mom left and her dad was killed.

Cole:  werewolf and beta of the American pack. He's got a lot of respect for his alpha and his brother, but for no one else. Many see him as a psychopath but he couldn't care less.

George: Cole's twin, also beta. He's calmer than his brother and more sensible but still enjoys a little fight.

Ceitho: Alpha of the American pack. He's sensible and poised but wouldn't hesitate a second before ordering someone's murder if his pack was to be in danger. He's Adnae's right hand and also friend.

Geisha Burundi: she's Bryan orphan along with her brother Gill and currently shares a house with Anastasia and the Monahan family. Very sentimental but still able to stand her ground and do the impossible to defend her brother.

Amelia: Anastasia's best friend. Her parents are divorced and her mother and brother live in Spain. She chose to stay in the City with her father.

Nathan, Aaron and Kris Caulfield: three rebellious brothers. Nathan is a werewolf and doesn't share the same father as his brothers. Kris got his hands cut off by the guards and is currently trying to engage in a relationship with Anastasia. The three of them are determined to make a change in their world.

Emma: Aaron's girlfriend for years. She's very innocent and naïve and Aaron is determined to keep it that way. She has no place in the horrendous world that is the suburbs.

Johanna: Emma's younger sister.  Along with her friend Brenda she disappeared in chapter 9 but later reappeared claiming she has been staying at a fancy house where people took care of her.

Jamie: Emma and Johanna's cousin and Anastasia's friend (she appears in the earlier chapters, but I hope she'll have the opportunity to come back).

Margaret "Maggie": A witch that lives on the border of the forest that circles half the City. She and Ceitho are close friends and she has a certain love for Tasha. She sometimes helps the suburbs kids with injuries. Christian Bell is a doctor that retired after a failed operation and who helps as best as he can manage too. She can't stand Cole and George.

Martin and Elizabeth: the owners of the café Chez Martin where Anastasia works.

Joshua, Frank and Nikita: Tasha's co-workers.

Soo I hope this will help you guys understand a bit better hehe, now enjoy next chapter that I'll be posting today :*


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