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Anastasia's POV

"Everything went alright with your brother?" I smoothly ask as soon as he closes the door behind him. I ignore why but I'm suddenly nervous. One look at the king size bed and I feel my stomach churn.

"You can use the bathroom if you want, there's a spare toothbrush in the first drawer." Cole's masculine voice pulls me from my thoughts. I don't miss how he doesn't answer my question. Silently, I just nod and walk stiffly towards the bathroom. A relieved sight comes out when I close the door between us. Are we going to share the same bed or am I going to sleep on the couch again? This time is different, this time I'm totally sober and fully aware that I'm locked with a werewolf.

There is indeed a spare toothbrush in the top drawer and even another pair of towels. After all, why not enjoy a good shower? It's not every day that I can afford this luxury. Normally we have approximately between thirty and forty minutes of hot water per day, not much when two families live together. Maybe this shower will help me relax, or with a bit of luck Cole will be asleep by the time I finish. I hope he doesn't put an alarm for tomorrow.

"Enjoying the place?" he asks as soon as I step outside inside the large room. I'm momentarily transfixed by the view this room offers. Through the wide window at the side I can appreciate the City views, skyscrapers and other buildings and the way they are illuminated by the street lights. We can barely see any stars, just reflects of the moon. Just to the side of the hotel is a chic bar with purple lightening that reverberates on the pavement. Cole is stretched on his bed, one arm bent under his head.

"I don't have clothes" I mutter. I feel my face flush as he turns to look at me, standing, ready to bolt, in only a towel. Without saying a word he stands up and fetches in the wardrobe in front of the bed. Seconds later he hands me a grey t-shirt and dark blue sweatpants. I smile as gratitude and quickly head back in the bathroom to finish getting changed.

"Thank you" I mutter, emerging back, "I'll just sleep on the couch again"

"We can share the bed if you want" he says, gesturing to the empty space besides him. I feel my cheeks flush. He wants us to share a bed?

"Okay" my voice comes out in a squeal and I clear my throat, hoping he hasn't heard. Unsurely I hop on the bed, nearly sighting in pleasure as I feel the mattress dip under me, such a change from the bed springs that protrude from my usual bed and dig into my back. The room is eerily silent for a moment as I try to calm down and find a subject of conversation.

"How are you handling everything I said?" he's the first one to speak. The noise of his voice makes me turn my head sideways but he's still looking at the ceiling, face impassive. I accommodate in the same position, only centimetres away from him.

"I think good" And it's true. It surprises me how I haven't had a heart attack yet. Maybe it's something that takes some time and I might feel the shock in a few hours. Judging by the way he raises his eyebrows he thought the same thing. "I have so many questions though"

"I'm sure you do, why do you always have to ask so many things?" his face is still impassive and I'm not sure if he's getting pissed.

"Why does it bother you that I'm interested?"

"In werewolves?"

"No, in you"

He doesn't answer immediately, doesn't even change position or anything. He stays silent for so long, staring at the ceiling that I deduce the conversation is over. Just when I'm about to wish him good night he slightly parts his mouth and I hold my breath in, desperate for something.

"I'm not used to people asking about me"

I'm about to ask him why but decide to use another tactic. "Maybe it's because you don't let them"

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