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have fun reading, I had fun writing it, especially the end:*

Tasha POV

“I’ll catch you later okay? At what time does your shift end exactly?” Amelia hops of the stool and snatches her handbag from the counter.

“Eleven I think, maybe a bit later. It depends on how many customers there are” I answer, taking her empty cup of coffee in one hand whilst cleaning the countertop with the other.

“Do you have work tomorrow?”

“I start in the afternoon, at about four”

“Good, I’ll swing by Geisha’s in the morning and we’ll do something, okay?” she taps her foot impatiently against the ground and checks the clock on the wall again.

“Okay, and don’t worry, your dad’s check isn’t going to disappear. They have it safeguarded at the bank” I reassure her. Her father is getting too old to pick up his money on the bank so Amelia does it for him. I understand how stressed she is every month, knowing that she is going to retrieve all that money from the bank and carry it back home in her pocket. Anyone could attack her and steal it.

“I know the banker is going to give it to me, it’s the way home I’m worried about” she grimaces, glancing at the clock again.

“It’s still daylight, everything is going to be fine, But better hurry up” I smile encouragingly, she grimaces a smile back before kissing me goodbye over the counter and walking out.

Between all the people living in the suburbs I think Amelia is one of the luckiest. Her father was a jeweller and her mother owned the shop where they sold his makings. When they divorced her mother, Maria, took all her belonging and her son back to Spain; Amelia decided to stay here with her father which I think is one of the bravest action I’ve ever seen someone take. Letting your mother, brother and a chance at a brilliant future in another country mustn’t be easy to let go. Her father grew old and developed arthritis, therefor was incapable of making new jewellery. Their landlord threw them out because they were incapable of paying the rent and they moved to the suburbs, every month they receive a check from her mother and another one from some medical care her father had.

“She’s confident about getting money out of the bank, every time I go they seem to throw me out” sour I jump in surprise when I hear someone so close to me and nearly send the glass I was drying to the floor. “Wow sorry, didn’t mean to scare you”

“No, no problem I was lost in thoughts” I smile at Josh who starts helping me drying all the glasses. “Were you listening to us?”

“You girls just talk too loud” he shrugs and I nearly believe him until I see his content smile.

“Liar” I bump my shoulder into his and swing the wet glass in front of him so that water flies everywhere, effectively hitting him the face. I try to keep on a straight face to demonstrate I’m angry that he eavesdropped on us but find myself incapable to do so when he fakes outrage as he dries the water off.

“So what were you saying about the bank?” I finally ask when I’ve managed to control the giggling and he has given up on getting revenge, simply settling with a huff and an eye roll.

“Do they ever actually give you your money? Or just make you believe they do but won’t ever actually do it?”

“Don’t know, I never retrieve money from the bank, I’m the one to give them money to pay all the bills” I shrug. Amelia seems to find it easy; I’ve never heard her complain about how they don’t give her her money. “Why? Have you had any problems?”

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