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Tasha's POV

"I still can't believe you've been staying with that guy that long. And in a hotel!" Amelia gushes, gently prodding me. I roll my eyes and push her hand away from my shoulder, earning a giggle, before answering.

"Is it really that hard to believe? It has already been a day, get over it" I roll my eyes again and bring my jacket closer to my body.

"Alright alright" she lifts her hands up in resignation. Not that it fools me, I know her and know that she's not ready to let the topic go. A small smile breaks on my face when she doesn't disappoint and opens her mouth again. "But really, didn't you fuck?"

"No!" I yell-whisper, scandalized. "Now shush, we're nearly there and I don't want Kris finding out, I already hurt him enough."

"You would've looked cute together..." She trails off, looking straight at me and stopping in the middle of the street.

"But I only see him as a friend. Come, we're going to be late" I grab the bottom of her sleeve and drag her with me towards the Caulfields' home.

"I'm sure you would have seen him as more than a friend if it wouldn't have been for the Cole guy" she giggles behind me. "When are you going to see him again anyway?"

"I already told you I didn't know, he's working." I hate lying to my best friend but she'd freak out if I told her of Cole's little secret.

"Yoy could give him a surprise visit at his hotel"

"Maybe that's what I'll do. Now shush" I'm practically relieved when we arrive at our destination. Nathan is awaiting by the door and gives us a curt nod when we reach him.

"I think there won't be anyone else coming" Aaron tells his brother from the center of the large room we're standing in. I remember how awed I was the first time I stepped in until I realized that this wasn't only the living room. No, at a far corner was the kitchen and beds lined up and next to them a wooden door with chipped white paint that gave into a tiny bathroom. When it came down to it, the house wasn't much larger than any other, just disposed to appear so.

Nathan nods again at his brother and closes the door so that we're trapped into the room. As I first swipe my gaze over the room I feel deceived and practically betrayed at how few we are, maybe fourth people. Amelia must sense my sudden unease because she pokes my arm and whispers "look who's here" so low that I strain to hear her. Letting my gaze wonder again I soon realize that most here are grown men, fathers and husbands. I recognize most of them and even a few girls or youngsters. Teenagers like me or Kris that don't have a father to report everything home. Even as I feel slightly better knowing that every man here represents a whole family the feeling of unease doesn't disappear as easily. How many here will put their love ones' life in danger?

"Thank you for coming" Nathan stands next to his brothers and is the first to address the small crowd gathered in his home. "We've gathered you here to talk about the new law that applies against us. I think you all know which one I'm talking about, the one that gives them the rights to throw us of our homes and that strips us of our human rights. The ones we should all have, all of us"

"I've grown up in my house and I'm not going to let it go so easily!" A tall and bearded man who's name I can't remember speaks up.

"What will happen to us if we have to live in the streets? My wife is going to have a baby soon!" Another man, one that doesn't live far away from Geisha speaks up. If I remember correctly he lost a daughter last year, or the one before that.

"That's why we have to fight back! We can't let them take away what's ours by right" Kris interrupts what's quickly becoming an uproaring crowd.

"Is that wise? Maybe that was the little push we all needed to try our luck somewhere else. We've always been miserable and mistreated here, maybe a better life awaits us in another city." A scrawny woman speaks this time, brown with greyish streaks of hair matted to her forehead. Her speech reminds me of Geisha and her ilusion that we'll be better somewhere else.

"And where would you go? They won't want the likes of us in another place. They'll label us as beggars and thieves as soon as they spot us and will probably make pur lives a living hell until we're forced to go." It reminds me of Cole's answer when I asked him if all places were the same as here. He'd said social differences was found everywhere.

"They marginate us at a far corner of the City, they treat us like rabid dogs, they train their hounds with our lives. Then they try to stop us from reaching the city center and descent jobs so we starve to death or steal and when they catch us stealing it only gives them a good excuse to kill us! Not only that but they take the freeness to rape our daughters and kill our women and now they want to throw us out too! We are men for God's sake and we have our rights! It is more than time that those cunts understans it and I'll be staying here to teach them a lesson"

A round of applause and nods of approval greet the man's speech and even the scrawny woman doesn't look as confused or scared than she did moments ago.

"Bran's right" another man speaks up, nodding at said Bran before turning to the three brothers, "and I guess the smart little heads of yours already have a fucking plan, eh?"

"Yes, we do" Nathan answers.

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