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I hope you enjoy this chapter, spoilers alert: it's full! xD you'll see

The village I leave in is currently celebrating its festivities (it's spain, so lots of parties yeah) so I'm out a lot right now but I hope to update again this week.

Tasha's POV

I sight when I pass the same front door for the third time today. This morning I woke up with my priorities clear and decided to have at least an interview for a job, any job, before tonight. My mind was set, at least it was during breakfast, if you can call a toast of dry bread breakfast, and it remained set until I reached the invisible boarder that separates the suburbs and the City. Unconsciously my feet turned 180 degrees towards Nathan's house, deciding that I'll only spend ten minutes, just enough time to ask him who he was talking about when he accused Cole of murder and then continue with my day just like I had planned it. But then I decided that this was a bad idea so I turned again. And again. And again.

Again I sight, I don't have a watch but I must have lost at least half an hour. "Only ten minutes" I mutter to myself and march towards Nathan's place. The streets are still empty, no children playing in front of their houses whilst their parents are off at work or, like me, looking for a way to sustain to a family. The sun has just started to rise, a warm glow illuminating the top of the roofs and melting away the humidity that appears with the night. Already the air is cooler and I have to wear a jacket, in less than a month I'll have to retrieve my big socks and advance a bit of money for Gill's new coat, seeing that the one he wore last year was ripped to pieces by a guard's dog.

I'm not surprised to see Nathan up and leaning against the corner that his house forms, bringing a cigarette to his lips. He picked up smoking a few years back at the time that Kris got his hands cut off and he was trying as best as he could to maintain his family.

"You know that what's trendy now is the electronic one right?" I tease him once I'm close enough so that I don't have to raise my voice and risk waking up his brothers and the other family that lives with them. Scratch that, so I don't risk alerting Kris.

"You know I don't have the money for it right?" he answers back, his tone serious which again doesn't surprise me. I can count of one hand how many times in my life I've seen Nathan relax. I suppose responsibilities are big on him.

"About what you said last night.... About murder" I can't help but whisper, as if the word was taboo and not something we're confronted with starting at a young age. He doesn't answer immediately, instead just stares at me for a long moment before taking another drag of his cigarette and parting his lips to let the smoke to billow out.

"Is that punk the reason you rejected Kris?" he asks instead. His tone doesn't change, doesn't drop to ice cold or even get any more serious but I feel the awkwardness enveloping me instantly. He seems to take my lack of answer as a yes because he only nods and stays silent again.

"Are you going to tell me what yesterday was about then?" I insist, crossing my fingers so that Kris won't wake up whilst I'm still near his house. That would be too awkward, with his brother knowing about us and all.

"I'll take it you didn't know your little friend goes around killing people you know then" I know he isn't trying to poke fun at me, or nag me but I can't help taking it the bad way.

"But who? Who are you talking-" I'm interrupted when a cold hand rests on my shoulder and Nathan's eye go slightly wide as he stands straighter and looks pointedly behind me.

"Well, well, well look who we have here" I whip around, jerking my shoulder away from the man once I recognize the voice. My insides freeze when I stand face to face with yesterday's freak, the one with the yellow eyes that flew at the bar's exit. He's wearing dark sunglasses which renders impossible to determine whether last night was true or if his friend and him had drugged up my drink.

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