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Tasha's POV


I choke on my own saliva and nearly choke to death. That is until he pats me on the back, looking deeply worried. I don't even know why I'm so surprised, I should have seen it coming, I thought we were only passing the time together in a fun way but I should've known he would want more. That's Kris all the way.

"Are you alright? I didn't expect this reaction" he laughs nervously and it's so clear than he's trying to turn this into a joke but he's still impatiently waiting for my response.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I just choked" I excuse myself and awkwardly cough one last time in my hand which starts sweating in anticipation. What now?

"So, um..." he starts and stops, realizing that there's nothing that he can say because it's my turn to speak now.

Frankly, I could have said yes, and if I'm totally honest part of me wanted to say yes. But then I remembered the heated kiss I shared with Cole that same morning, a perfect stranger that I know nothing about but my body craves. I couldn't do that to Kris; I couldn't go out with him when my knees trembled the best part of the morning every time I remembered the way Cole's hand had crept towards my bra.

"Kris, you know I have so much affection for you but" I see his face drop and instantly feel bad for what's coming next, "But as a friend, you'll always be like my best friend you-"

"I get it" he interrupts me, stepping back, "Is it because of my hands?"

"No!" I'm astounded that he could even think that, "you know I don't care about ehat they did to you" I add, stepping closer to him and grabbing his bandaged wrists, just over the place the sword cut, that makes me step closer and guilt floods inside of me when I see the look he's giving me.

"Well what is it then? You and I get along get together" he insists, voice sad, and I suddenly feel trapped. What excuse do I have? It's true that I have been leading him on, and I'm sure that under different circumstances I wouldn't have doubted to be his girlfriend. But now? It's not like I could tell him that I want to stay free for another man when Kris and I have been together all of our lives.

"I know, but I'm just scared that we'll lose our friendship after that, if we stop the relationship I doubt we'll ever be able to go back to normal" my tone is apologetic and it's clear it's starting to anger him.

"Why? Is there a rule that says two fiends can't start something and make it better? Don't you understand Tasha, I don't want to ever let you go. I've been in love with you for so long and when we first kissed I thought that this was it, this was my chance" he yells at me, his cheeks colouring.

"I'm... I'm sorry this isn't the right time" my head is starting to hurt and this time I'm the one to take a step back. How long exactly has he been in love with me? Why did I ever kiss him back? Sure there was attraction, and I can't deny that there still is, that as he shouts at me my eyes can't help but wader to his perfect shaped lips. But all the desire and lust in the world aren't enough to destroy a friendship.

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