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Tasha’s POV.

3 days. Three whole days, this is equal to 72 hours that’s the same as 4320 minutes. Do you know how much time that is? A lot, especially when you’re desperately waiting for something you know is not going to happen. And that’s what we’re all doing, waiting for some news on where Johanna is and what always happens will happen. News will never come and we’re all going to get back to our lives, the ache of another loss present in our hearts.

Jamie and Emma are cuddled on an old couch, liquid stains have long ruined the tissue and the bottom part is totally frayed. From where I stand I can’t hear what Jamie is telling her cousin, although judging on the look she’s wearing she doesn’t believe it herself. Dried tears have left a mark on Emma’s innocent face and her eyes are as reddish as they were last night when she left with Aaron. I understand what she’s passing through, losing her younger and only sister mustn’t be easy on her, it wouldn’t be easy on any one but the fact that Emma was never mentally prepared to affront the reality of this world only make matters worse.

Just as all the other people in the room I quickly turn my head when the door opens with a bang to let in the Caulfield brothers. Aaron is the quickest to cross the room and kneel in front of his love, the way he takes her hands in his and whisper comforting things is so intimate that I feel the need to turn away. Instead I fix my gaze on Nathan who is strolling in his casual manner towards an unmade bed before flopping on it, waving away his aunt that was coming his way. The oldest brother is the one I know the least, I could say it’s the age difference but in reality it’s that he has always seems so distant of everything, so disinterested of everything that happens around him that it used to scare me a bit when I was younger.

“He’s so in love with her that he’ll remove sky and earth to find Johanna” Kris interrupts my thoughts whilst nodding towards the couple.

“You guys just be careful, okay? Don’t get into anything too mad” I tell him, sitting on the small counter so that I’m a bit taller than him.

“Yeah, don’t worry for us. We’ve gone around Vrinda today in case someone had seen the guards take a young girl in, no one has so that means she was taken directly to Constantia or she’s…. she’s dead somewhere” he whispers the last part, his gaze darting around in case somebody heard him make so pessimist accusations. Although I’m pretty sure that’s exactly where she is right now.

“I know it’s horrible to say but I don’t think you’ll find her alive” I whisper too. It’s sad but true; there are little chances that a fourteen year old girl can survive on herself during so much time in the City.

“Neither do I” he mumbles back before resting his back on my knees so that I find myself distractingly massaging his scalp through his mess of curls. “It’s been some time since we’ve had time to ourselves, do you want to get out of here?”

“Yeah” I whisper and push him away so I can jump down from the counter. With a nod towards Johanna’s mother I make my way towards the front door, Kris hot on my heels, and don’t stop walking until I’m a few houses away.

“Are you still staying with the Burundi kids?” He inquires as I lean back against a brick wall and let the warm sun rays hit my face.

“Course, it’s alright I guess, bit depressive but still okay” I answer him, closing my eyes to enjoy even more of the last summer days.

“You could come to ours you know? You’d be more than welcomed, you’re already like family anyway”

“I think it’ll be you coming over to mine, we’re just three kids, and it’s only a matter of time before somebody moves in. It could be you guys”

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