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Coles’s POV

This place is officially driving me batshit crazy. We’ve only been here four days and already between me and my brother we’ve found traces of more super naturals than I have in half my life. Apparently there’s a form of wand-users’ aggrupation in Onyx that includes all sort of wizards. Rage burned through me like a ravaging flame when George informed Ceitho and I that a young witch had attacked one of my pack brothers. Luckily the spell wasn’t mortal, it just put him out for a few hours, but it’s the fact that an unworthy creature thought she had the right to attack a werewolf that made me so fucking mad.

Concentrated in this hellhole are a high number of demons, so far, apart from the Lilith, I’ve spotted a few black-eyed and red-eyed ones. Demons can be sorted according to their eye colour. Liliths are white-eyed and represent the demons chiefs and are the closest to their maker, then comes the yellow-eyed demons which are the demon generals that are charged to enforce the law. If someone tries to disobey their rules they send the knights of hell, their eyes have especially bright colours, the only thing that can difference them from humans; their only purpose is to kill. The soldiers, thugs and henchmen have black eyes. The red eyed demons are the ones that are the most involved in human society, they have learned to adapt well in the human world and some of them lead on a normal life as if they weren’t supernatural beings. The ones I have come to dislike the most are the Acheri demons, in the hierarchic point of view they have little value, but they’re the only ones who are able to possess children, once they possess one the only way to make it exit the body is to kill the child. My reputation as a killer might be big but taking the life of an innocent is never something I look up to.

“But we have to do something! Yeah I know it’s good that we investigate a bit and all that shit but we’re not doing anything really” I pinch the bridge of my nose and lose my eyes as I walk around my room, my hand tight around the phone. Calm and respectful. I must be calm and respectful when addressing my alpha.

“What do you propose Cole? Who do you want to charge first, demons or witches? We know they’re here but we don’t know what they’re doing. For the moment they’re not breaking the law so we can’t do anything.” Ceitho’s voice comes from the other end of the line.

“But when they’ll break the law the Shadow People will step in, no one wants them to interfere. And technically they are breaking the law, isn’t it said somewhere that the number of demons living in the same space must be low?” A long time ago demons where at the top of the hierarchy, they were in charge of many magical creatures but couldn’t control their own angst for more power. This provoked a sort of civil war between demons which led to many lost lives and their decadence. When they realised what was happening to them they tried to arrange things but it was already too late, the elves, werewolves and vampires, helped by other creatures, had taken the lead. When demons threatened a war and searched for allies no one stepped out to help them. The world under the demon’s reign was a beastly place to live, especially for the human kind; demons didn’t have the same laws as we have now when it came to humans, at that time killing humans was a sport and not punished by death like it is now. In the nest years the elves created all sorts of laws to assure the fact that demon’s won’t ever be able to take the power ever again.

To prevent what had happened with demons, the fact that the creature at the top of the hierarchy took all the power, our forefathers divided the power in two parts. Legislature and judicial power; the judicial was given to the shadow people whilst the legislature to Elves. The dullahan are the Shadow People’s law enforcers and Elves are represented by us, werewolves.

“We already know Shadow People don’t step in unless it’s absolutely necessary” I detect a hint of resentment in Ceitho’s voice. Because they have to work together, Shadow People tend to leave lots of work to the elves as one of their rules is to stay patient and endure silently. Ceitho has been working with Adnae, the current leader of the Elves community, for years and I can tell how angry it makes him each time his population does the work that was assigned to Shadow People.

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