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George's POV

"Have you told the girl about werewolf hearing?" I ask my brother, finally resting on the arm of the chair Hunter is currently sat on. Half the couch is empty but there's no way I'm sitting there. Judging by the moans I heard a couple of minutes prior I don't want to rest my buttocks on that leather.

"I'll tell her tonight" he winks and both Hunter and I splutter in laughter. Cockiness has been one of Cole's traits since I can remember. "You can sit on the couch you know"

"I'd rather not" I grin and he rolls his eyes before stretching, monopolizing the whole space.

"Back to business, what are the news?" he finally asks, face serious. He hasn't asked Hunter how he felt yet or if he's capable to change again. But I didn't miss the relieved glance he shot our friend when he opened the door, asking him how he felt before asking about the Alpha's orders just wouldn't do it. Not when you're the most important beta in the states.

"Apparently Adnae's spokesmen have had a chat with Lilith, who insist they're doing nothing wrong. They were reminded of their right that was taken away from them and how they weren't allowed to reunite in large groups. Of course those goddamned demons didn't admit to anything and insisted they knew nothing of such concentrations."

"So they're not attacking from the front then, they'll just wait and backstab us." I growl.

"Ceitho has reached two conclusions, the first is that they're waiting until we lower out guard and, as you said, take us by surprise. The second is they're waiting for reinforcement or until the new recruits are ready."

"And so what do we do?" Hunter speaks up. Technically he shouldn't be here.

I grin a wolfish grin, showing my canines. They're going to like the new orders.

"We scare them off. In order" I lift my hand up and stop my brother when I spot his eyes twinkling in anticipation, his wolf dying to be released.

"What, is there like a list or something?" he mocks.

"We can only attack henchmen and soldiers or whatever we want except Lilith or generals. So Jeremiah is out of question. Yes, I argued too but to no avail. And if we came face to face with an Archeri we must kill him and make sure there is no witness. You already know how patriotic they are, if they hear we killed one of them they'll start reciprocate and we don't want that."

"When you say scare them off, please tell me you mean kill them" he rolls his eyes. I knew he wouldn't like those restrictions. Soon enough we'll be able to take Jeremiah off our hands, he just needs a bit of patience.

"He didn't specify, so that means yes" I smirk. "If they still don't take the clue they're not wanted here and they better start applying the law we've got backup"

"Backup? We don't fucking need backup" he snorts, sitting straighter on the couch as I stand up to start pacing the room.

"It's the incubus and succubus." Personally I think that was the worst idea Adnae could come up with.

"Fuck! Are they fucking mad, I'm not working with them" Hunter exclaims as Cole lets out a string of obscenities. My reaction exactly.

"And they thought that was a good idea because..." Cole sarcastically trails off. Ceitho should have known none of us would like working with those demons. The incubus and its female counterpart, the succubus are night demons. They're famous for engaging in sexual activities with other creatures, mostly humans, in order to increase their own lifespan by taking years off their prey's life. I don't fancy giving years of my life to a succubus in exchange for a blow job, however pretty they are.

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