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Is the word sorry enough to express how I feel for not writting in so long? I hope this chapter makes up to all of you, I really hope so but things have been crazy for me lately between friends and boys and summer. Sorry *please don't throw tomatoes at me(?)*

Anyway, now enjoy :)

Tasha's POV

He only nods, eyes alight, and turns us around so that I'm the one on top. I gulp, suddenly nervous and deposit one last peck on his tempting lips before sliding down his body, occasionally leaving kisses on bare skin until I reach the top of his sweatpants. Biting my lower lip I bring my hands down and slide his pants off, leaving him in black boxers that hug tightly his manhood. When I slightly incline my face upwards I'm met with blazing green eyes, pupils dilated.

"Fuck" he groans when I brush my fingers in a featherlike way over his still covered flesh. Slowly and teasingly I peel the last bit of material off until he's left lying in only his shirt.

I'm not what could be called shy when it comes to the opposite gender, so I'm not surprised as I stare at his length. I want to whisper a quick thank you to the universe for granting him a good size, not enormous but good. Tentatively I wrap my fingers around him, gently tugging and massaging the head, spreading the liquid accumulated there. Clearing my throat I lean forward and slowly take him into my mouth, my hand taking care of what I can't fit.

"Fuck yeah" he groans, his hand coming around my neck and arranging a quick ponytail he later grabs, gently guiding my head. I bob my mouth so that he nearly slips out, quickly taking him back in, hollowing my cheeks when I find out he seems to enjoy that. As my hand rubs the base I put my tongue to use, giving him the full effect. In deed seconds later I can feel his ball contracting and see abdominals spamming.

"If you don't want to swallow it you better stop sweetheart" his voice is rougher than before and seems rushed out, as if talking was too much of an effort. I ignore him, accelerating the rhythm until he lets out a gruff moan, his hand pulling harder at my hair and he spills into my mouth. I quickly swallow as to not let the taste invade my gustative buds and pull away.

Instantly he pulls me closer to him and kisses me fiercely, his tongue battling mine. " I didn't know you had it in you" he murmurs against my swollen lips as he pulls away, a smirk adorning his perfect lips. I decide not to answer, instead go back to kissing him, something that is quickly becoming an obsession.

"Let me return the favour now" he winks, pulling his boxers up with one hand as the other one trails downwards parting from my breasts. My breathing starts accelerating the closer he gets to my panties. Still kissing me he dips a finger inside, collecting the wetness there when-

A heavy knock at the door breaks the atmosphere we were in. A blush quickly colours my cheeks as he swears and pulls away and I move to sit on the sofa instead of on him. He doesn't even bother to pull his pants on as he marches towards the door. From how the sofa is set the intruder will have to set foot in the room to see me and I really hope Cole doesn't let him in.

"George, Hunter this isn't good timing" he growls at them and I try to make myself even smaller so that they won't see me. One of them mutters something too low for me to hear and the other howls in laughter obviously amused by something I wasn't able to catch.

"You can both go fuck yourself" Cole tells them, amusement coating his fowl words and immediately I'm able to hear a scuffle. I slightly lean at the corner of the couch I spot Cole and his brother play fighting as Hunter stands beside them, snickering.

"Well can we come in?" George asks, quirking an eyebrow when his brother doesn't move aside.

"Like, now?" Please say that they'll have to come back later.

"Yeah now, Alpha's orders." This seems to break whatever little resolve Cole had because he moves to the side and I begin to feel my palms sweating in anticipation. What will they think of me seeing me here? How many girls have they already seen in Cole's room? It must have been a lot.

Hunter is the first one to spot me as soon as he steps into the room. I don't miss the way his nostrils flare before turning towards me. Did he just smell me? Is this a werewolf thing? The idea is so bizarre to my mind that doesn't seem able to come to terms that those type of things exist. Cole previously mentioned vampire and demons, but are there other creatures? How where they able to be kept a silence for so long? Do dragons exist? And what about witches? Hundreds of questions swirl in my mind like a tornado and I can't wait to bombard them at Cole.

"Hello, Anastasia was it?" he grins at me, sitting on the chair in front of me. I remember him from the gym, he seems closer to Cole than most of his co-workers. He seems pleasant, his face radiant and smile genuine and I decide I like him.

"Tasha please." I correct him, smiling too. He nods, as if satisfied that I wasn't an arrogant bitch.

George grins at me too but stays standing next to the glass panel that overviews the City. From here this place looks perfect, I would even be tempted to spend my holidays here if I were a tourist. From this perfectly adorned room filled with luxurious furniture the City below looks like any normal place, absolutely no trace of the horrors that take place only a few blocks away. I suddenly shudder at the thought, remembering the dead bodies found after the dogs were unleashed. A cold sweat runs down my back as I remember a particular mother's face as she stared down at her dead daughter, knowing that justice was never going to be made.

"Are you alright?" Cole sits next to me and passes an arm around my shoulder, pulling me to him. I'm grateful for the sudden comfort, too desperate to evade my morbid thoughts.

"Maybe I should go, if you have things talk about" I whisper. He hasn't said anything about their Alpha, but I get the impression that it must be something secret and I don't want to intrude. I don't want to go back either just to face Geisha and having to admit that, once again, I haven't found a job. The winter threat seems closer than ever now.

"I'm not letting you go, we still have things to talk about" I'm not sure if he's joking or if he's serious about the letting me go. He's still hard to decipher.

"Worried I'll freak out?" I tease, deciding to take things lightly between us. I avoid looking as much as possible at the other two men in the room, fearing that they know what happened on this couch minutes prior.

"Oh so she didn't freak out!" Hunter snickers, looking at Cole and then at me, "tell me what your secret is?"

I don't know what to answer but luckily Cole steps in, leaving me nothing to add, "That she has more balls than you dickhead"

"Anyway back to business" George interferes, looking pointedly at Cole and they seem to have a silent conversation. Cole finally huffs and turns to me, a charming smile illuminating his features.

"Aren't you hungry love? I'm sure they'll be able to serve you something at the restaurant downstairs. Put it on my account okay?" Of course deep down I know he couldn't care less if I was hungry or not but just wants me away from this room but still at his reach. I nod and stand up, after all I'm not going to pass by an occasion to eat properly at a five star hotel. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Part of me is tempted to stay outside and listen through the door see if I'm able to catch bits of conversation. A part that is soon deluded because as soon as I close the door I spot a man leaning against the opposite wall. I instantly recognize him as the one who kidnapped me, the one with the French accent and perfectly groomed. He seemed to be waiting for me because he yawns and peels off the wall, stretching his hand towards me.

"Armel" he grins, "I'll escort you to the restaurant, who I fear, might be closed" he laughs, staring at the expensive looking watch that dangles from his wrist. Cole doesn't trust me, he might look innocent, and I might look free to go whenever I please but I'm not. It is so evident that this man in front of me hasn't been struck with hunger at whatever late hour it is but is here to make sure I don't run out the front doors, screeching that werewolves are in the hotel. I only nod and start walking towards the stairs, after all I might get some information out of him.

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