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And I’m terribly sorry for the awfulness of this chapter *sorry sorry sorry*

Tasha’s POV

“So, did you and Kris have fun last night?” Geisha winks at me as she hands me a plate with two toasts on it before sitting down next to me to eat her own breakfast.

“You could say that” I giggle.

“Are you two like… together or something?”

I don’t know what to answer; I haven’t had any time to give it any thoughts. Early this morning when Kris left I instantly went back to bed and fell asleep only to be woken up a few hours later to get ready for work.

“Don’t know yet, it could be just a fling” I shrug my shoulders, biting into my toast to avoid answering more questions.

“You two look cute together” Geisha smiles at me. I smile back but don’t offer extra information.

“Is Gill feeling any better?” I quickly ask as soon as I see her open her mouth to talk. Please no more questions about Kris.

“Yes, his temperature is back to normal and the shivering and cold sweats have stopped. I’m so relieved” she smiles. I want to tell her to lie down and relax for the day, she looks so tired I fear she might collapse at any moment. But I know she’s never going to take a day of so I don’t say anything.

I quickly wash my plate, not even waiting for the water to warm and sit on my bed to put my shoes on when there’s a knock at the door.

“I’ll get at” I tell Geisha just when there’s another impatient knock, “coming coming” I shout at the person outside.

“Oh my god!” I shriek as soon as the door is open. My best friend doesn’t waste any time to jump into my arms in a screaming and hysteric mess. She hugs my neck so hard I start having breathing difficulties and finally have to pull her away.

“Oh my oh my!! I’m so glad to be back! How have you been?” she smiles so broadly at me that I feel my lips tugging upwards to meet her joyful mood.

“I have to get to work now; can we talk whilst we’re walking?” I tell her, closing the door after a wink at Geisha who was looking pretty amused at our encounter. Amelia nods and follows me down the street.

“So, how was Spain?” I ask her. Her parents are divorced and her mother went back to the country she was born in. Amelia lives here with her father but still visits her mother every holidays, she’s been gone since late June and I totally forgot she told me a few weeks ago that she’d come back yesterday.

“Perfect, everything is so cool up there. I mean, people are nice; there aren’t any guards like there is here. People are free you know what I mean? You can do whatever you want at whatever hour, there’s not so much control.”

“I really don’t get why you don’t move there” she’s told me her excuse hundreds of times, but still, why stay in this living hell if there’s a better place somewhere out there?

“You know, my father… they won’t give him Spanish nationality and he’s already lost my brother and mother. I can’t leave him too” she shrugs her shoulders, her good mood not all darken by the reminder of how her family was destroyed a few years ago. “So tell me, what has happened here? Do you finally have a boyfriend!?”

I roll my eyes at start telling her everything that happened since she was gone. When we arrive in front of Chez Martin I’ve managed to talk about all summer including last night.

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