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This is a bit new, we're starting to see some aspects of the werewolves life, so I really hope you will have fun reading it


Cole's POV.

My wolf is wild. Having all the pack near again has heightened my senses and I want nothing more than to go on a run with all the pack. Ceitho accepted my petition for George to come back, seeing that we had two very easily-found witches at hand and that they could later help with the capture of a demon. Nothing joyed me more than having my brother only a door away. The beta twins were finally reunited.

This afternoon we had organized as to capture those young witches. Half the pack would make a direct attack by front, a form of distraction whilst Carlos, Hunter and Jeff would snoop from behind and capture them. Those two girls were newbies, I was a hundred per cent sure they couldn't handle any spells yet. I would direct the attack whilst George and his group would come from behind. Once Johanna and Brenda were taken we killed the rest of them. No one can know that werewolves are operating; the witch community would demand justice and accelerate the revolution they're involved in. George did propose to capture a handful more, in case we were faced with stubborn teens, but finally decided against it. An expert witch would be able to defend herself, send a message telepathically to any of her sisters and be a nuisance. We were better off with two witches that still lacked experience.

 Nathan Caulfield had said they were located on the north part of the City. We took less than an hour to find the exact place. They had been smart, the house stolen was the one further away, it was encircled by a huge garden and the left part, which faced neighbours, was hidden by a large range of trees. This way they could practice spells without being seen or heard. Witches' ego was so great they couldn't even fathom being attacked. The house, which until now had been a benefice to them, was going to become useful to us; this way there would be no unwanted witnesses.

"Are you ready? We're going as soon as you go downstairs" George barges in the bedroom and I tear my gaze away from the City views.

"Yeah" I empty my glass and set it on the small table.

"Good, because we're all waiting for you outside" he urges me and I comply, slamming the door shut.

The whole pack is standing outside the hotel, and all of them shut up as we appear and look expectantly at us, waiting for any final orders.

"We'll have to take a detour to circle the city and change as soon as we reach the woods where we'll follow its perimeter until we reach our objective. Carlos, Hunter and Jefferson, how much time do you need to reach the place?"

Obviously they won't be changing in order to enter the house and capture the witches so they'll have to handle themselves with public transport.

"We've looked it up and by bus it's at about fifty minutes away from here" Jeff answers me.

"Perfect timing. By the time we reach the woods, change and run to there we'll arrive a bit earlier. We'll start the fun and you guys will swoop in at the perfect moment, as soon as you feel them flustered and scared, okay? Not before, only when you're able to smell their fear" George orders them and the three nod their heads.

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