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Cole’s POV

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong. Another glance at the clock on my bedside table. Fuck, I need to lie down and rest; I’ve been pacing this room for too long already. A few millimetres and our lips would have touched, I would have fisted my fingers around her luscious looking hair and pulled her to me. A growl makes its way through my lips and I want to punch the nearest wall but restrain myself. I need to get my shit together. She’s human, a fucking human, a worthless human. I’m here for the pack I can’t let myself getting distracted.

Anastasia. I wonder what her last name is, I know she lives in the suburbs and that she knows the werewolf named Nathan. I know she works at a restaurant and is used to customers groping her, I also know she doesn’t eat to her liking. Another growl and another glance at the clock. I have to be up in four hours. My whole body is howling at me to go for a run but I’m too scared I’ll end up in the suburbs.

My hand grips the cell phone before I can think of what I’m doing and type in the first number I’ve come to know by heart.

“Cole?” My brother’s groggy voice answers at the fourth ring.

“Yeah, is it a bother right now?” I ask, finally sitting down on my bed, his familiar voice instantly relaxing me.

“Well you know, since it’s like half past four in the morning of course you’re not distracting me” he sarcastically answers and if we were in the same room I’d flip him off.

“I need to… fuck I don’t know! There was this girl tonight and fuck it was so damn strange” I stress the last word out, inwardly cringing as I feel like a high school girl that feels the need to talk about a guy she doesn’t know but still thought he was hot.

“Okay… and you’re calling me because you felt awkward around a girl? Why my dear brother, you couldn’t get it up” he mocks me and I roll my eyes.

“No, I saved her ass back at the restaurant she works at, and then I talked to her and nearly kissed her. Her name’s Anastasia, I don’t know why I first fixed my eyes on her but-“

Tasha’s POV

The last steps from the front door I’ve just locked towards my bed are the hardest. At the corner of the room I spot Gill and Geisha, the Monahan are all sleeping upstairs, this way there’s still some free space here.   Silently I tuck myself into the worn sheets, my eyes adjust to the dark until I’m able to dissert the small cracks on the ceiling above me.

He said he was here for work. How long will he stay? What does he work in exactly? I’ve barely ever seen somebody so handsome, the way his eyes were a mixture of brown and green that made them look dark green, the way they fixed me after he beat those assholes. How old can he be? Thirty max, no, less, twenty five or twenty six. I noticed some tattoos crawling up his sleeve, what are they? Do they represent something to him or were they just for fun? Something he did to impress his friends on a drunken night.

I turn on my side so that I’m facing the wall. Sleep, I need sleep. Tomorrow I have an early shift and I want to be there extra early in case Martin has something to say about tonight. He has to know that this wasn’t my fault, I can’t lose this job. Gill needs it, and so does Geisha, they depend on me; Gill’s health depends on my right now. What happens if I’m fired? I’ll need another job soon, maybe in another café but I’ll lose time looking for something and we’ll have to rely on the Monahan parents. Just when things started to look up for us…

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