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Cole’s POV

“Margaret” Ceitho greets the old witch that stands next to her open doorway.

“Ceitho, oh my gosh it’s been so long” she smiles back warmly before giving him a quick hug. I bite back the growl that threatens to surface when that wand user gets too close to my alpha. “I expected more of you” she comments when she finally pulls back. Her almost translucent blue eyes fix the rest of us in something that can’t be considered a welcoming peek, especially when her glance falls on me and I throw a teeth baring grin her way.

“Some of stayed near Onyx to see what was happening around there. Tomorrow the rest of us will investigate in the City, see what so many professionals are doing in the area. It’ll be good to have everything under control before the shadow people interfere” I catch a small tremble in the witch’s eye when Ceitho mentions the law enforcers. Is she not much of a fan of the shadow people?

“Are all of you staying here? Because I doubt there’ll be enough space” she clearly indicate who she specifically doesn’t want stepping foot in her home when she gives me a pointed glare. It only makes me grin wider her way in an attempt to show my perfect canines.

“If it’s going to be a problem we can go to a hotel” Ceitho offers but she quickly shakes her head.

“No no two of you can stay but no more. The rest will have to go”

“Alright, I’ll stay and so will… Brandon” I could practically see my name form on his lips but he quickly back peeled and chose Brandon as protector. Not that he needed one. He’s the best fighter that I’ve ever met. As beta I was to take the lead in case he wasn’t here so he could hardly separate the pack from their leaders. George, who had the same post as me, had stayed in Onyx with the rest of our pack as leader and I was going to go to the City with the rest.

Even though I didn’t specially fancy leaving my alpha with a wand user I had no choice but to obey and therefore go find the best hotel in that rat hole. Still, I couldn’t help but throw a warning growl at the witch.

“Don’t you worry for Ceitho, he and I have been friends since always. You should worry for your lame ass my boy because I still haven’t forgotten what you and your brother did to Nicholas”

“Don’t threaten me witch, or you’ll find yourself with your nephew quicker than you think” I bare my teeth one last time before turning away and motioning for the others to follow me.

After leaving my luggage in my new bedroom I swiftly take the stairs to the hall where the rest of the guys are already waiting for me like I told them to. This hotel seems quite busy which is one of the reasons on why I chose it, no one will be paying attention to our comings and goings at whatever hour.

“Right we’ve got time before night so we’ll be doing a bit of searching around here. I don’t want anybody on their own so we’ll pair up. Jeff and Chase, Sean and Ryder, Hunter you’ll go with me which leaves Liam, Armel and Carlos together. I want everybody back at nine here.”

“What do we do if we find a supernatural?” Carlos asks.

“Nothing, you file up his scent and find out where he lives. Find out about him; try smelling a professional on him too. Anymore questions?” I answer, impatient to start the chase and happy when they all shake their head.

“Where are we starting from?” Hunter asks as soon as we’ve stepped out of the building and seen the others go their respective ways.

“The perimeter of this city, near the suburbs. Sean and Ryder where going to the suburbs so we’ll look around the perimeter” I inform him, “and no changing today” I add when I see him open his mouth again. Searching, just as well as chasing, is much more fun in our wolf form, but we can’t permit ourselves this luxury in daytime. I’m not even sure we could in night time in such a crowded place.

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