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Cole's POV

My fists clench and unclench as I walk towards my room. Luckily the corridors are deserted and all I'm able to hear and heavy breathings and occasional snores, if not I would already pity the poor soul that has to face my wrath.  I intake as much air as my lungs can manage until my nostrils are flaring in a vain attempt to calm down. After searching for Anastasia in all the streets that surrounded the club and not even catching a whisk of her scent  I walked back to the club, deciding that the best I could do was smash the bastard's face so hard he'll have a hard time ever getting back up. Of course by the time I went back the coward had flown, the only sign we'd ever been there was a small puddle of blood on the floor.

Naturally that son of a bitch had to interrupt the moment I was sharing with Anastasia yelling bloody murder. What was it exactly that Nathan Caulfield had expected? For me to gently retrieve his witches and hand them over because... out of the goodness of my heart I suppose. I don't even know where the fucking bodies are, if I did I'd retrieve them tonight and pin them on his front door, decapitated and all.

"Hello dear brother" I jerk my head up to meet George's eyes, identical to mine, and standing in his underwear leaning on his door. His arms are crossed and he lifts an interrogative eyebrow when he catches sight of blood on my knuckles and shirt.

"What are you doing up?" I ask, stopping just in front of him and cleaning my bloody knuckles with the already damaged shirt.

"I was waiting for you"

"I fucking told you not to wait up. We're not kids anymore" I bark back and instantly feel the guilt wash over me. This isn't George's fault and I shouldn't throw our childhood in his face like that. "I'm sorry"

He only nods, as if he already expected this reaction from me. "How was the night then? I'll take it things didn't go out as planned" I catch a ghost of a smile playing on his lips which only propels me to grin back, the proximity with my brother instantly erasing my anger.

"Apart from the fact that we encountered Jeremiah who fled and then Nathan Caulfield charged in the nightclub we were in accusing me of murder everything was peachy. Not to mention that I scared the bird to death and she ran away from me." I sarcastically answer, making my way into his room and leaving him to close the door.

"Jeremiah, you mean the demon, the army general?" he sits on his unmade bed next to me, his gaze both interrogative and worried.

"Yeah" I sight and rub my palms against my eyes in an attempt to wake up, my body suddenly feeling heavy with sleep. "And I don't know how but Caulfield knows about the witches' coven."

"He's become a hassle, we've killed a whole coven to assure that no one will find about it, we can't leave him on the loose" George speaks out the words that I've already thought on my way here, "tomorrow he must be out of the game"

"Carlos and Armel?" I ask. Carlos is a great fighter and Armel a good coordinator, they will have the job done so well no one will ever suspect.  George only nods his head as if he had already thought about those two.

"How's Hunter?" I ask getting up and stretching ready to go to bed.

"He's doing better, tonight he was able to get up on his own but hasn't been able to provoke a change yet which will be annoying in a couple of days when his wolf will get wild to get out. I don't know what the bloody witch hit him with but at least it's not mortal, just inconvenient" he shrugs. I frown, worry clouding my vision, maybe it wasn't immediately mortal but if she cast a spell that doesn't allow him to change that will end up killing him. Changing into our wolves isn't an option for us, it's vital.

"Don't worry too much about it I'm sure he'll be fine, this is Hunter we're talking about" he tries to reassure me, noticing the look on my face.

"I'm sure he will" I brush my hand through my curls, "goodnight brother" I sign off and make my way towards the door.

"Wait" he stops me just when my hand touches the cold metal of the doorknob, "do you know if Ceitho is planning anything yet?"

"Apparently we have to wait for Adnae's orders"

"Since when does our Alpha have to wait for someone's orders to direct his own pack? We're all getting restless, he must feel that" And it's true, the pack is getting impatient and I'm starting to worry about Ceitho's leadership. He's letting things go to slow on this assignment and if this gets to other packs' ears his leadership could be led to questioning.

"Once Nathan Caulfield is out of the game we'll confront Ceitho so that he'll give us free pass to attack demons. I'm itching to get my hands on Jeremiah and finally break this bitch's neck in half."

"You'll have to share with me" he winks at I let out a laugh, closing the door behind me. Jeremiah has been a nuisance to the pack for too long already.

I stand impassive when Armel finally opens his door, his eyes bloodshot and sleepy and his uncovered chest showing the result of various fights in the form of scars. When he recognizes me, or at least recognizes it's one of the betas that stand next to him he clears his throat and stands straighter.

"I have a job for you tomorrow, you'll take Carlos and both of you will dispose of an inconvenient witness" I inform him and he nods, "his name is Nathan Caulfield, he lives in the suburbs and he's Ronnie Miller's son, do you think you'll be able to recognize the father's scent?"

"Is the son's very similar?" he finally speaks and his voice is as awake as mine.

"If you recognize Miller's scent you will recognize the son's. He's got very tanned skin but not to mix up with his brothers"

"An address?" he asks and I give him the one I remember from the first time I saw the Caulfield boy standing next to his front door.

"One last thing, do it early in the morning and try to make it look like a human killing. I've hear that guards often purge the place there" I remind him and his eyes twinkle at the word purge.

"Tomorrow at breakfast I assure you that Nathan Caulfield will only be a bad memory" his voice is steady and solemn and I only nod, not even bothering to wish him a good night before turning towards my room. I trust Armel's word, and if he says that at breakfast Caulfield will be gone I know that's one problem out of the list.  

Short chapter, very short chapter I know hehe but that's because the next chapter will be so great. Well, at least I plan it to be.

Spoilers: Tasha POV, Jeremiah will be back in the game and Armel and Carlos will... surprise ;)

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