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Tasha’s POV.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! What am I going to say next time I see him? ‘Hey there, how are you? Oh I forgot to mention how much I loved your lips against mine’, or does he expect me to greet him with a kiss on the lips. Another fucked up thing, what did I look like with this innocent peck on the cheek? Fuck I was nearly fucking him on the floor and then like... peck on the cheek.

I pass my dirty hand through my hair once more in confusion whilst I walk at a brittle pace. I really hope nothing changes between us, it would be a hard blow to lose Kris.

“Having problems Tash?” I freeze suddenly at the sound of his voice and don’t dare to turn around. It couldn’t possibly be him, my mind refuses to accept that he has found me once again, but the use of my old nickname only confirms it.

Slowly, very slowly, I turn around until I’m facing him, the boy, man I should say, that has lingered in my nightmares for the past year. He hasn’t changed a bit, maybe his biceps have gotten even bigger but that would be about it. Who cares about the size of his muscles, he’s forever a coward to me. You’re more of a coward than him my subconscious reminds me but I quickly bloc her as I stare into his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes I fell in love with nearly two years ago.

I stay silent as he flashes his perfect white teeth at me and ruffles his wavy blonde hair before taking a step forward. I take one back. Coward my subconscious shouts but I try to shut her again. It was a reflexive act and it won’t happen again. This time I don’t back down when he takes another step forward, and another one, and another until he’s close enough I could touch him if I extended my arm.

“I see you’re doing well” he smiles at me before raking his eyes down my body, his gaze lingering on my breasts for so long I’m tempted to snap my fingers at him.

“I see your psychopathic nature is not doing so well” I reply, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

It doesn’t surprise me when he throws his head back and laughs, really laughs, at my impoliteness. He always used to find it funny when I brought my ‘bitchy attitude’ like he said.

“That’s my Tash, always has the word to humour” There is no more ‘your Tash’ I want to scream at him, but instead I bite my lip and patiently wait for his laughter to die down.

“What do you want? I made it clear I don’t want to see your face ever again” I finally speak up, my eyes darting from side to side looking for an escape route and quickly thinking of where I could go. There’s no way in hell I’m letting him track me to Geisha’s.

“I know princess, but I wanted to see you again. It’s been so long” he smiles warmly but I can clearly see the possessive man and psychopath behind the mask he wears. I quickly flinch back when his hand tries to caress the side of my cheek, his face scrunches up in anger and his eyes flash angrily at me, making me take another step back.

“You’re such an ungrateful bitch” he spits whilst taking another step.

Memories flash in my mind; me holding myself together in the corner of his apartment whilst he repeatedly kicked me, Maggie curing two broken ribs which I said I broke when falling down my boyfriend’s stairs when in fact I was pushed; being dragged around his kitchen by my hair, a swift punch that sent me sprawling on the floor every time he thought I was cheating on him. More and more memories make their way in my head until I feel the need to escape his presence. To run away from him even knowing that he’ll always find me.

“Don’t come near me!” I yell at him as I take another step backwards. I was determined to not back down once again but when I see his palms form into tight fists at his sides I completely lose my resolution and run the other way.

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